What are the GTT Healing Techniques?

One of the most frustrating challenges holistic life coaches and healers face is the “tough” cases, the ones where nothing seems to be working. This is where GTT (the Getting Thru Techniques) come in.

Healing Techniques

GTT is a group of powerful healing techniques we developed to pinpoint the source of blocks that are not clearing with fast and easy processes like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) Reframing and Anchoring Process.

There’s a reason leading-edge energy healing techniques like EFT and SK are gaining such rapid popularity – they work! Nonetheless, many users report having inconsistent results and they don’t know what’s wrong. With GTT, these kinds of frustrations can be a thing of the past. Our clients, students and readers who use GTT report having tremendous success.

The GTT healing techniques are drawn from extensive experience with EFT, SK, Holistic Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other holistic healing modalities. They address the most common reasons EFT and SK aren’t working in some cases and reach into the heart of healing. With these healing techniques, we generally have success with clients who tell us techniques like EFT don’t work for them.

The key to success is almost always increasing awareness; there’s something buried in the unconscious mind that the client needs to understand. GTT works like a lazer. With the  awareness clients get with the GTT healing techniques, they generally feel empowered and excited about moving forward in areas where they may have been stuck for months, years and even decades in some cases.

It’s exciting and profound. Most importantly, clients love them. Helping clients to experience breakthroughs is the heart of the “Getting Thru” approach, and the mission of Awakenings Institute, the organization that created this website. These healing techniques can enhance any healing process and help you or your clients to bring more awareness to any difficulty you may be experiencing.

Healing Techniques for Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Life

“In essence, life is a journey of self-discovery, so there are always deeper levels of ourselves to explore.”

Each of us is here with lessons to learn, gifts to share, and a purpose to fulfill. As we step forward on our journey to wholeness, we face challenges that help us to expand and grow.

From a spiritual perspective, our challenges are opportunities to live fully and grow in wonderful ways. As we conquer our fears and address the blocks that are limiting us, we increase our understanding of ourselves, the deeper meaning of life and our reasons for being alive.

By reaching quickly and easily into the recesses of the deeper recesses of the mind, which are largely unconscious, GTT can help you to access awareness you need to progress more quickly and easily. The combination of EFT, SK, and the Getting Thru Techniques can help you to move rapidly along on this journey. by releasing your fears, unresolved emotions, and all types of limitations, so you can experience a life filled with joy, love and freedom to fulfill your heart’s true desires.

Why are these Healing Techniques So Powerful?

We use these techniques personally, with clients and with students. EFT and SK, which are generally fast and effective,  are not working is because the recipient needs to become aware of something that is hidden in the unconscious.

This is the power of the Getting Thru Healing Techniques. GTT brings limiting patterns in the deeper recesses of the mind to the surface for clearing. In this way, it significantly increases the effectiveness of EFT and SK. It also tends to reveal new possibilities, which the recipients find surprising and enlightening.

One element we often use with GTT is imagery. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Images that emerge from the unconscious mind help clients to understand what’s happening at a deeper level. In the ways we use them with GTT, they are fascinating representations of different realities. You can literally take before and after pictures of different realities as the client opens to more awareness and more possibilities.

How GTT Works as a Series of Healing Techniques

As a holistic healing tool, GTT also allows you to become aware of what is happening holistically – at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being. We have a specific GTT healing technique for this purpose. Clients love this one, too! Reaching even deeper, these healing techniques bring you into direct contact with the part of yourself that is suffering, so you can bring it back into your wholeness.

The information gained from these processes can bring a deep healing where techniques like EFT or SK alone are not working. For those who want to understand more about their spiritual journey, the GTT healing techniques are also enlightening and uplifting. They help clients to appreciate themselves and the miraculous journey they are on.

Using GTT with Physical Conditions

On another note, GTT sometimes produces immediate results with physical conditions with emotional, mental, and spiritual components. Like EFT, you can use GTT with any kind of challenge. The deeper understanding that naturally emerges with these healing techniques also helps you or your client to avoid recreating the same kinds of limitations in the future.

All of us are continuously creating our realities through our beliefs and limited perceptions of ourselves. Since they are largely unconscious, most of us are unaware of the limitations these beliefs are creating. With most emotional difficulties and many physical problems, understanding and shifting these beliefs generally produces deep and lasting changes in one’s reality.

In addition to common emotions like fear, anger, stress, confusion, jealousy, resentment, and such, GTT can help to make inroads into the core challenges many of us face, including:

• Having abundance and financial security

• Creating physical well-being

• Fostering healthy relationships

• Reaching and maintaining one’s ideal weight

• Enjoying life

• Discovering one’s true purpose

With the ultimate goal of releasing our limitations and living a life filled with joy, love, and genuine freedom, GTT provides a priceless toolbox of healing techniques that merit thorough exploration.

How Can You Learn the GTT Healing Techniques?

The GTT healing techniques are described in our books books Getting Thru to Your Emotions With EFT and Getting Thru to Your Soul. They are also demonstrated on videos that accompany these books and guided versions of the processes are available on audios.

We also teach the GTT healing Techniques in our courses and programs. Follow these links to learn more:

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