SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) Home Study Certification Course with EFT

Unique practical spiritual healing course with Energy Healing Experts and Holistic Coaches Phillip and Jane Mountrose.

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OFFERED SINCE 2004 -- benefit from more than 25 years of experience.

 Would you like to learn a proven, systematic approach for spiritual healing with kinesiology (muscle testing)?

Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) is more than a premier healing technique -- it's the essence of spiritual growth. By contacting and healing through your soul, a person grows spiritually, in leaps and bounds.

SK powerfully helps you heal with your soul, your most profound guide.

Though easy to learn and apply, Spiritual Kinesiology produces profound shifts, often quite quickly.

SK uses healing from the soul plus muscle testing. You can use SK without muscle testing and still get outstanding results as well. The home-study course teaches you both the "reframing and anchoring" with your soul, plus muscle testing.

Just studying the muscle testing checklists that come with the course is valuable in itself, as it will give you a profound framework for healing and growth. Plus you have practical tools (the checklists) to use.

As a note, this course does complement other modalities like EFT as well.

In fact, many people who learn Spiritual Kinesiology prefer it to EFT because of its depth and ease of use. We think you'll find it an indispensable tool to use in a wide variety of ways.

Can you see how this could make a big difference in your results?

With knowing how to do SK (Spiritual Kinesiology), you can...

  • Get consistent results on a wide variety of issues with deep insights

  • Have unshakable confidence because of the results you can produce, creating sometimes miraculous changes in people’s lives - and your own...

  • Enhance and increase your effectiveness in complementary techniques (like EFT) you already know - and take them to another level

  • Make a significant difference in those you help and the world

  • Open to more possibilities to create a joyful and fulfilling life and much more...

Michelle Walston Maryland Dept. of Environment

These techniques have increased my feelings of connection with others. My sessions I have with others benefit me just as much as it does clients. I feel buoyant after every session. I feel deep love and connection with the person I've never had before.

I've always been a good listener, but to be able to offer something that really helps someone heal is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. Most importantly I feel a deeper connection with Source and an awareness that I have direct access to all the love and knowledge that ever existed."

Here's a sampling of what you will be learning in this training...

How to use SK in a systematic, comprehensive way to be consistently effective

Dozens of transformational tips and insights you won't want to be without on how to use Spiritual Kinesiology for healing and spiritual growth

Developing a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and soul's guidance, essential for the evolutionary journey

Implementing the GTT (Getting Thru) Techniques to detect deeper issues,
and then being able to resolve these
thorny areas where sometimes SK
alone cannot

How to use SK in specialty areas, like relationships, subpersonalities, societal archetypes, dreams and more....

Using SK as way to advance spiritual and soul development, for more
long-lasting results

How to uncover your soul's expression and integrate different parts of your personality

The seven spiritual stages or activations on the spiritual path and how it relates to spiritual kinesiology

How to use the versatile Illumination Process for the 7 levels of healing (knowing this process alone will dramatically improve your confidence and effectiveness)

How to muscle test to analyze a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Nine verstalie checklists to help you pinpoint exactly what issues are up and where to begin. Checklists include the Basic Checklist, Current Lessons Checklist, Personal. Group and Societal Archetypes Checklists and more... These can be used with muscle testing or as stand-alone powerful references to gain key information on imbalances.

Understanding and balancing polarities, such as masculine-feminine, spiritual-earthly, past-future, and body-mind and more.

Knowing how to access the inner parts of a person, the root of where the problem can lie. This returns a person to wholeness, the secret of healing.

Crystal-clear, step-by-step descriptions of the SK and GTT Techniques
diagrams, audios and videos (multi-media learning deepens and quickens your learning process)

and much much more...

Jackie Lefebvre Holistic Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

This course has taught me that I can use the soul's perfect energy to heal many different issues. It's fast acting and very effective. Not only does the soul clear the issue you are focusing on, but what's more, it clears other related issues. Overall the techniques allowed me to find blocks in my spiritual advancement. I really enjoyed working the soul, both mine and my clients."

Here is what's included in the SK Home-Study Certification

* Step-by-step home study course workbook that’s easy to follow and complete.

* Hard-copy study and reference materials you receive in the mail that teach the basics of SK and go beyond. You will learn a systematic road map for addressing core issues affecting the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

* A multi-media “Getting Thru to Your Soul” success library using high-quality materials. Use different modalities to deepen your understanding: book, 2 cds, and 3 dvds ($99 value). The book is thorough and easy-to-read and the DVDs are professionally produced.

* Material that shows you how to delve into specialty areas like relationships, subpersonalities, societal archetypes, dreams and more....

PLUS a Special Bonus...

Kinesiology Training Guidebook

Mullti-Media Kinesiology Muscle Test
Quick Start Kit

Comes with online step-by-step guidebook to muscle testing with essential tips and insights. Muscle testing is a powerful tool in itself, and as a complement to other modalities, if you learn how to do it effectively.

Plus 3 demo videos on muscle testing. A hands-on guide to muscle testing for your permanent success library that you won't want to be without.


A beautiful, professional Certificate suitable for framing. The Certificate will say "Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner" on it.

36 hours of study that you can do in your own time and own rate

Optional mentoring to get the questions that inevitably come up answered, saving potentially months and years of trial-and-error time

A variety of ways to follow up:

-- Further studies with Spiritual Counseling Certification Program

-- Tools for building a successful practice

To receive your certification, you...

1. Study the included book, cds and dvds.

2. Log 20 Hours of practicing the techniques

3. Complete a written exam

4. Conclude your studies with a valuable individual telephone consultation reviewing the program.

Then you will receive your Spiritual Kinesiology Certificate...

Your attractive Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner Certificate is suitable for framing
-- with all the competence and confidence that come with it.

The Certificate will have your name on it and say "Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner."

How long does it take to complete the Muscle Testing Course?

It generally only take 4-8 weeks going at your own rate to complete the course. 

Even though people typically finish the certification within a couple months, you have two entire years to complete it. So even if you are not ready to start today, while the opportunity is before you, you may want to invest now in the EFT Certification Home-Study Course as an incentive to start sometime soon.

Janette Claveau Holistic Coach, CPC, CNLPC Montreal, Canada

This course was a very deep, transforming and enlightening experience. It brought many important healings in areas of my life that I had not yet had the chance to see. Now after all of these practices with myself and others, I feel different -- my thought patterns have a calm, different look. Thank you for being so generous in the quality and depth of your material in this very special course!"

Top 5 Reasons for Spiritual Kinesiology Training

Spiritual Kinesiology is a step-by-step, specialized training. It can be applied to many areas.

There are many reasons to learn Spiritual Kinesiology to become part of your lifelong tool box. Here are a few...

1. Learn a versatile, highly effective energy tool, as powerful as EFT, which is also used as a resource in this course

2. Connect deeply with your soul/inner wisdom for healing and direction

3. Be able to help yourself and others significantly more

4. Gain clarity, confidence and competence by being certified through Awakenings Institute

5. Make a quantum leap in being able to know and follow your guidance, and show others how to do it

In other words, SK is not only a great energy tool. It's far more than a wonderful and effective technique.

Spiritual Kinesiology is a hands-on, practical way to help yourself and others spiritually evolve through the guidance of the soul.

Can you see that knowing how to heal and get guidance from the soul can make a big difference?

Save time, money and energy. Take your EFT Training course from the convenience of your home or anywhere.

No travel or time-consuming, costly live weekend workshops that require you traveling to attend. Live weekend trainings cram everything into a short period, which makes integrating difficult. In other words, there is too much information given in too short a time, resulting in information overload. Ever taken a great workshop that you couldn't put to use?.

By taking Awakenings Holistic EFT Home-Study Course, you go at your own rate, having time to learn these proven, life-changing techniques. Wouldn't you enjoy learning at your own pace?

To Recap...

With Awakenings SK Home-Study Certification Training, you will receive...

1. Step-by-step home study course workbook that’s easy to follow and complete.

2. Hard-copy study and reference materials you receive in the mail that teach the basics of SK and go beyond. You will learn a systematic road map for addressing core issues affecting the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

3. Mullti-Media Kinesiology Muscle Test Quick Start Kit

4. A personal final consultation to give insight and closure to your course.($75 value)

5. An attractive Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner Certificate with your name on it upon completion that you can display for your clients and feel proud about what you've accomplished for yourself.

EFT Level 1 Home Study Certification Course

Course Details:
Setting: Online/Virtual with Optional Hard-Copy Materials

Course Length:
36 Hours
Takes about 4-10 weeks going at your own pace

Gettingthru Heart

We value you.  

After you complete the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

What People are Saying about Spiritual Kinesiology...

Violetta Borowski Teacher
Ottawa, Canada

Although I had heard from many experts that kinesiology can give valid and accurate insights, I was nevertheless an unbeliever. After using these techniques, I began to realize that SK can in fact have valuable information and help people move through blocks and limiting beliefs. Spiritual Kinesiology has proved extremely valuable to myself and my clients."

Sarah Hardy Yoga Teacher
Windsor, Canada

I've learned how simple it is to clear many of the deep-seated issues we carry within ourselves. These techniques have shown me that many things that I had previously thought I had released were still in my body and unconscious mind. SK has freed me to experience a deeper connection to myself."

Sue Lang Artist, Teacher

I liked most the holistic approach of blending the psychological and muscle testing techniques with the enrichment of the soul's energy. Clients with either a spiritual or skeptical leaning can equally benefit. By taking this course, I've expanded by accessing the deeper levels of the mind, consciousness and the soul."

Angele Boudreau Crisis Intervention Counselor
Ontario, Canada

It's amazing to use these tools and see immediate results.

Become a Certified Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner:

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CHOOSE THE RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU (Single or Two Courses)...​


Option 1-- Single Course

SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) Home Study
Certification Course -- Online Version

Includes all materials & bonuses with instant online access

Tuition  $197


Credit card or Paypal accepted

Option  2 -- Single Course

SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) Home Study
Certification Course -- with hard-copy materials

includes Online Version PLUS professional hard-copy book, 2 cds, 3 dvds, bonuses with Free Shipping to US and Canada--

Tuition $247


Credit card or Paypal accepted

OR... add the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Home-Study Certification Course

It's the same home-study format as the SK Course: easy to follow, study, practice and take the test, and receive a handsome EFT Practitioner Certificate (special savings when you order both Home-Study Courses). Comes with EFT book, 2 CDs and 2 DVDs plus extra resource materials.


Option 3-- with Two Courses

SK (Spiritual Kinesiology)
Home-Study Certification Course
EFT Level 1 Home-Study Course

​Online Version

includes all SK and EFT hard copy and online books, cds, ​videos
and bonuses ​

Tuition Only $395


Credit card or Paypal accepted

Option 4-- with Two Courses

SK (Spiritual Kinesiology)
Home-Study Certification Course
EFT Level 1 Home-Study Course

​​with Hard-Copy Materials

includes all SK and EFT hard copy and online books, cds, dvds, bonuses -- plus Free Shipping to US and Canada

Tuition $​447


Credit card or Paypal accepted

To add mentoring (​two twenty-minute sessions for $95), call or email us at any time.

​We look forward to seeing your progress.

To the heart and soul of your success,

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

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