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Would you like to learn kinesiology (muscle testing)?

If you knew that it could provide some important keys to your well-being on all levels, would you like to know how you can make it work for you?

If so, watch this short video for a quick introduction and demonstration.


Isn’t it amazing to think that there is a simple way to measure energy, showing what strengthens you and what weakens you?
Kinesiology, commonly known as muscle testing, is such a tool. It can virtually test anything
(physical, emotional or mental) and instantaneously show you whether it strengthens or weakens your energy.
You see your body responds positively or negatively to every influence. Much of this is unconscious, outside your awareness. Nonetheless, it still affects how you interpret your life experiences.

It’s important to understand that how we interpret influences can be quite subjective. For instance, one person is allergic to something, say peanuts, that strengthens another person. your body has an instinctive knowingness of how something makes it react.

A Very Brief History of Kinesiology…

Muscle-Test-chiropractorMuscle testing started with the work of Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor who in 1964 discovered that the strength or weakness of every muscle was connected to the health of related organs. There was also a connection with acupuncture meridians and the muscles themselves.

This field of “applied kinesiology” continued to expand and other pioneers like Dr. John Diamond found that muscle testing could reveal emotional and intellectual influences on people. There are now many ways to muscle test.

It’s not only helpful to find different ways to muscle test, but to do it in a reliable way. To get accurate results, you need to avoid common pitfalls. In short, muscle testing done poorly is unreliable.

Done correctly, it’s an excellent tool to assess how your body (your unconscious mind) responds to anything. The key is to find out how to get the best results.

We have been in the energy field since 1992 with our many trainings and publications — which means that many 100’s of hours of research and experience with people went in to our work.

In the process, we have found muscle-testing a versatile, handy tool for both personal and professional use. We have taught it to many people over the years. We certainly wouldn’t want to be without this valuable tool.


For easy understanding, we now created a downloadable kit for muscle testing. It’s called The Kinesiology Quick Start Book Kit.

kinesiology-cover-sm2We think you will be happy with the clarity and depth of information in our Kinesiology Muscle-Testing Quick Start Book Kit.

It’s also available for immediate download.

To make things easy to understand, we have taken a multi-media approach, as studies confirm that is the best way people learn.

So you will be getting a clear, concise handbook on how to muscle test. You will also get immediate access to various short clear video demonstrations — all for a very affordable price.

Now you no longer need to invest in an expensive course on how to muscle test — which can cost 100’s of dollars. Actually some of the proven tips and insights in this easy-to-understand Kinesiology Quick Start Kit would be hard to find anywhere else!

Who is muscle testing for?

If you are in coaching, educating or the health care field, whether traditional or alternative, muscle testing is an essential, versatile tool. It’s good for finding what stresses you and how to create balance and well-being.

Or you can use it for personal care and development. if you would just like to be able to analyze what is influencing you, such as foods or supplements, muscle testing can be an invaluable tool. It also can help you with making decisions, such as which option to take and how things affect your energy.

So for both personal and professional use, the Muscle Testing Quick Start Kit can have many applications.

For ease of learning, we have broken things down to five steps:

stairs1. Learn how to optimize your success

2. Master the testing process

3. Understand the test results

4. Experiment with the checklists

5. Follow through with an action plan

Here’s how you can benefit greatly from this multi-media kineseiology/muscle testing book and quick start kit…

[list style=”arrowblue2″]

  • Know the best ways to muscle test to create greater health, wealth and success
  • Learn the many ways to muscle test: on others, on yourself with one or two hands.
  • Discover 10 deadly mistakes that will give you unreliable results with muscle testing and the ways to avoid or correct these pitfalls
  • Get essential tips on how to succeed with muscle testing (this makes all the difference)
  • Find out how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the premier energy tool, with muscle testing
  • Access invaluable checklists to test yourself and others for creating better health, wealth and relationships.
    These are some of our best checklists from our most popular products, including The Science of Getting Rich with EFT Program, Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT and Getting Thru to Your Soul and Spiritual Kinesiology.


These include the following 7 targeted checklists you can put to immediate use…

  • Basic Checklist
  • Well-Being Checklist
  • Prosperity Checklist
  • Relationships Checklist
  • Current Lesson Checklist
  • Toxicity Checklist
  • Essential Affirmations Checklist

These checklists you can use for a lifetime.

“Thank you for the Kinesiology Quick Start Guide! I learned Kinesiology years ago but there always seemed to be something missing, the process just wasn¹t very consistent. After reading your guide book, I understood I was missing the three critical factors you described. Once I added these three things the process worked!

Your book was filled with “Aha” moments for me. Having the checklists in one place is invaluable, the guesswork is gone, and you have laid out the statements to test on so nicely.”

–Shelly Osborne, Social Worker & Career Coach, California, Maryland



a 58-page, easy-to-read Kinesiology Book
The 5 Simple Steps to Success with Muscle Testing

Clearly written, with dozens of tips and insights


self-mtest-2handvictor-mtest2phil mtjuanita

3 How-To, Step-by-Step Kinesiology Videos, showing various ways to muscle test and self-muscle test, using checklists and ways to resolve imbalances

bonus Plus A Valuable Bonus Special Report



“What is Spiritual Kinesiology and How Does it Work” — Special Report
Learn about a powerful way to use Kinesiology with your inner guidance. The process we developed is called “Spiritual Kinesiology.”

It includes clearing blocks and receiving direction from your inner knowing and intelligence. A proven and transformational energy tool that can create amazing results.


kelly-laurendine-4b“This Kinesiology Kit is chock-full of obviously well-researched and practiced insights and tips. I very much look forward to working with the Checklists. You write with a pleasant “conversational” style and an overall tone of warmth and caring that resonates thoughout the e-guide book.”

–Kelly Laurendine, Massage and Yoga School Director, Mobile, Alabama 

The full Kinesiology Muscle Test Quick Start Book and Kit is available for Instant Download after ordering.

We value you. If you don’t feel you received value from this training, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

violetta brokowski“Although I had heard from many experts that kinesiology can give valid and accurate insights, I was nevertheless an unbeliever. After using these techniques, I began to realize that SK can in fact have valuable information and help people move through blocks and limiting beliefs.”

–Violetta Borowski, Teacher, Ottawa, Canada 

We think you’d be hard-pressed to find another way to easily understand muscle testing, a resource as thorough that addresses issues that commonly come up.

Muscle testing is an essential tool you don’t want to be without.

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