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The Keys to Emotional Healing and Emotional Intelligence

What are some of the most important skills for anyone who wants to create a more joyful and fulfilling life? Emotional intelligence and emotional healing. As we will explain, this all leads to spiritual intelligence and healing.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, manage, and express one’s emotions in healthy ways. It includes having a healthy understanding of the emotions of others. From this perspective, learning the keys to emotional healing is a valuable skill, both personally and professionally.

Unfortunately, many people experience a wide range of emotional states without ever understanding why they sometimes feel happy or sad, expansive or restricted. A lot of them experience their emotional worlds as roller coasters with dramatic ups and downs.

You hold the keys

Why You Need Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Healing

The key to a more joyful life lies in your ability to manage your emotions. This is where emotional intelligence and its cousin, emotional healing, come in.

The problem arises when restrictive emotions dominate us for prolonged periods of time. We aren’t made to live continuously with restrictive emotions like fear, stress, anxiety, worry, anger, etc. This indicates that we are stuck, stressed and wasting energy we could use for positive purposes, like enjoying life more and realizing our dreams.

Over time, restrictive emotions can even erode our health. When emotions get stuck, we may also notice that our possibilities to create a better life are correspondingly limited. When this happens, we may lose our positive sense of self, along with confidence in where we are going. We also lack the wherewithal to think clearly enough to access the power of the mind and find productive solutions to the challenges we face.

Your Emotional Intelligence leads you to Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence takes some time to emerge. First, you need to develop some emotional intelligence for self-understanding and self-reflection. Emotional awareness includes being able to interact well with others.

To reach your potential, spiritual intelligence will become a priority for you. For a spiritual intelligence overview, let’s look at four key areas where it can blossom and grow to enrich your journey of awakening. And you will blossom as you develop your spiritual intelligence.

1. Following the truth in your heart

Your heart is the gateway to your soul. It integrates your physical life with spiritual dimensions. Heart-centered activity turns your everyday reality into a profound, mystical adventure. We sometimes call it the path of love.

Opening your heart makes the ordinary into the extraordinary. You start to regularly see the best in yourself and others. You do smell the roses and coffee. You see the sky and feel the earth. You are more grateful to be alive. You also are sensitive to the beauty all around us.

“True wisdom requires both thinking with our head and understanding with our heart,” as anthropologist Jane Goodall observed.

Here’s then is a good question to ask: “Am I in a heart-centered place right now?” If your heart is open, you will be very present.

2. Exploring your life purpose

Your purpose reveals what you are here to do.  The guidelines come from your soul’s blueprint before birth.

For deeper fulfillment, a key part is using and developing your talents. Your gifts and skills develop emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Here’s how your life purpose puzzle makes sense. Things come together when you intuitively apply your gifts, in an enjoyable way, to help make the world a better place. For example, a mission statement could be something like “I use healing to help myself and others to make the world a more peaceful place.”

3. Connecting with a spiritual family

Since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, all relationships can be viewed from a spiritual perspective. But some of our relationships are special,  having a deep, natural affinity between you and the other person.  These connections may or may not be with family members.

Connecting with certain people goes beyond just the physical, material aspects of life, which make up most relationships. By contrast, spiritual relationships are characterized by deep support, compassion and intuitive connection. They recognize a deeper purpose to life and transcendent meaning in things.

For outer relationships, certain people who share our deeper values and interests comprise our outer spiritual family.  For inner relationships, we can connect with certain angels, ascended masters and guides.

4. Using tools for healing and transformation

To develop your spiritual IQ, you need tools that straighten out those tangles in your life. You know, like the inner critic that keeps blaming you for not being enough. Some of these dysfunctional patterns carry over from past lives, i.e., your karma.

We use Holistic EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology – using both emotional and spiritual healing — to get at the root of issues and clear them.  The clearing process can include different layers, which surface when you are ready to address them.

To grow spiritually, it’s practical to learn these modalities. Or get help from others who can help you to keep moving forward.

Your Next Step

So how can you evaluate where you are in your spiritual and emotional intelligence?

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