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Your Higher Vision: A New Map of Reality

In today’s turbulent world, it’s imperative to find a higher vision from which to act and pursue your daily life.  This article will outline ways to create your own higher vision and create a new map of reality.

To Start Your Higher Vision

To start, find a peaceful place where you can reflect on a better world in which to live. This more wonderful world, based on ideals such as love, peace, prosperity and harmony can inspire you to be more and to act more from an inspired place.

You may never reach the ideal, but you’ll become more in the process of pursuing it. The idea is to move forward and elevate your life, enhancing your journey and the world you live in.your higher vision

Words I chose for my current vision are “caring, creative and collaborative.” I would like the world to be a more caring, creative, collaborative place. Although there are many values I admire, those particular ones hold a lot of energy for me. You may have other qualities that most spark your passions.

Next for Your Higher Vision …

Let’s practically apply these visionary qualities into daily activities. Here are some ways I apply my visionary elements. I am using myself as an example to flesh out the idea of a vision and show you how to make it more concrete. In other words, to bring the spiritual down to earth.

A More Caring World:  
My profession and calling is a holistic coach and healer, so much of that involves healing: in my consultations, trainings and creative projects like writing and videos.

On another front, my caring extends to others’ suffering, people I know and meet and others I am aware of.  I try to be a supportive person through listening, serving in small ways like expressing genuine appreciation of others, and contributing to causes for people in need.

A More Creative World:
Much of the work I do with my wife and partner is creative. We innovate with energy techniques, write blogs, books and manuals, create videos and coaching and healing courses.

Moreover, just living each day with an open mind, seeing things anew and finding opportunities in the moment give a freshness to life.. Creativity comes from many places:

* a new way to move my body from watching a YouTube exercise video

* feeling more spontaneous by watching the birds flitter around the feeder on our back porch

* or waking up with new thoughts downloaded into my mind, which I write down and develop into further ideas and projects.

A More Collaborative World:
I look for opportunities to connect with others. This may come when meeting people at conferences. Or finding opportunities to mutually support others through joint projects. I like to help groups that have a more unifying purpose, not a polarizing agenda.

Now It’s Your Turn to Create a Higher Vision

Consider whether your current map of reality is too routine and needs more imagination. If so, it’s time to enliven yourself. If you don’t have a vision of a better world, I encourage you to do so. It can make a big difference for you, others and the world.

Start by getting in a mindful state. Find a peaceful place, meditate, or dialogue with a like-minded person.

See or sense a better world. Describe it by getting your descriptive words (such as prosperous, loving, joyous, etc.). Write these down, knowing you can change them at any time.

Write your vision statement: “I am creating a [insert your descriptive words here] world.”

You can post your vision statement somewhere prominent in your surroundings. You can also journal about your vision statement.

As you grow, so will your vision. Also, your vision can change as you naturally reinvent yourself with more insight and wisdom.

Remember now is the time. The world needs your vision, now more than ever.

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