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Know Yourself: Your Greatest Lesson and Greatest Gift

Learning to know yourself is a journey. Each of us is here for a reason, with something uniquely special to share, but most of us don't know what this is right away. We are on a journey to find ourselves.

Finding Yourself

As we evolve and grow, we transition from the conventional view of life as a strictly 3D experience and open to our true identities as spiritual beings. 

When the desire to know who we really are awakens,  it opens a door to some exciting opportunities.

We have been fascinated with this topic for more than three decades now, and we have learned and developed some powerful ways to know ourselves. When we created our courses in Holistic Life Coaching and Healing, we provided some wonderful tools both to know yourself and to better yourself by overcoming blocks to your true identity.

The Importance of Knowing Yourself

We now view knowing yourself to be an essential key to spiritual transformation. We understand that our soul's created a purpose and plan for our life before we were born.


The soul's purpose and plane are some of life's greatest mysteries. We’re all here to learn more about who we are, release blockages that prevent us from being ourselves, and do something special with our lives.

The spiritual journey takes us from fear and limitation to joy, love, and freedom. As we release fear and limitation, we open to the unique gifts we have to offer, which are our greatest joy.

Taking a Holistic Approach

We value a holistic view of reality as being the most objective and transformational for a reason. It shows us how everything is connected and everything has meaning. Holistically, our energetic makeup also holds the keys to unlocking our soul's gifts.

For each person, the frequency of one of the seven major energy centers (chakras) represents the gift our soul came to share in this life. It is also part of the divine plan to arrange circumstances in our lives that make our greatest gift our greatest lesson.

It's encouraging to realize that everything happens for a reason.

All of this has been carefully orchestrated by our souls along with the beings of light who support us invisibly in the higher dimensions. According to this arrangement, blockages are built into the energy field that need to be released to allow us to move fully into our joy and the manifestation of our soul's true purpose.

How Fear and Joy Relate to Knowing Yourself

You may wonder why we have to work so hard to overcome fear and achieve true joy. The journey is designed this way, to give us the wisdom we will need to share our soul's truth. The challenges we face to awaken to this precious gift allows us to bring our soul's purpose down to earth, where we can create a joyful and meaningful life.

For those who are unfamiliar with the energy field and the chakra system, the chakras are energy centers that exist in and around different parts of the body. There are seven major chakras and many more minor chakras. Each of the major energy centers corresponds with a specific aspect of life.

What follows is a summary of the seven major chakras, along with general descriptions of the focuses; the lessons, which represent the fears to be transformed; and the gifts, which represent the expression of joy, love, and freedom connected with each one.


Lesson: Fear of physical survival and discomfort, leading to an experience of lack or greed.

Gift: Using one's sensitivity towards the physical body and the earth to benefit all forms of life on earth, viewing the body as the vehicle for the soul.


Lesson: Fear of sexuality, nurturing, and emotions, frequently becoming overly sexual and/or emotional, or frigid or withdrawn.

Gift: Expressing joy and sexuality appropriately, nurturing others. In this state all unresolved emotions have been transformed into joy and love.


Lesson: Fear of having power in the world, leading to misuse of or relinquishing of power. The limitations in this chakra take the form of limiting beliefs and attitudes about life.

Gift: Using true power and leadership abilities for the good of all of humanity, acknowledging the power of others equally with one's own. In this state, unlimited thinking replaces the limited beliefs and attitudes.


Lesson: Fear of relationships, and judgment of oneself and others.

Gift: Unconditional love of oneself and others. In this state, love and acceptance replace judgment.


Lesson: Fear of self-expression and creativity, often unable to bring inner desires into fruition.

Gift: Using one's expression and creativity for the common good of humanity.


Lesson: Fear of one's own vision and seeing the truth, resulting in no vision or vision distorted by perceptions of the ego.

Gift: Seeing clearly, without distortion, and sharing this clear vision to further the divine plan for humanity.


Lesson: Fear of one's own knowing and the experience of separation, leading to search for knowledge outside of oneself or being a know-it-all.

Gift: Having true inner wisdom and sharing knowledge based on the experience of joy and unity, in a way the furthers the common good.

How Your Ability to Know Yourself Fits into the Picture

As you review this list, you may recognize parts of yourself in the descriptions of the chakras. Each of us has aspects of the lessons and gifts in each of the chakras and we need to work with each one to return to recognition of our true divine self.

In relation to knowing yourself, the key here is to understand that one chakra stands out as your greatest lesson and greatest gift. Within this chakra, you will find lessons that weave through and underscore your experiences with all of the other aspects of your being.

Within this energy center, you will also find the seeds of your soul's greatest desires and joy.

Your greatest lesson and greatest gift holds the key to realizing your true purpose. 

Understanding which chakra represents your gift can help you to bring your experiences into perspective and provide insights into what your soul is here to accomplish.

This concept can also help each of us to understand and accept the differences between people. In recent weeks, there continue to be dramas in the news related to the experience of hatred and separation. The lesson is clear. People with different gifts experience life in vastly different ways.

Rather than creating divisions between people, we can love and accept each other for our differences.

A person whose gift is in the second chakra, with an orientation toward sexuality and/or nurturing is going to experience life much differently than a person whose gift is in the seventh chakra, with an orientation toward ideas and reasoning. Each gift has its place.

The combination of all of the gifts provides us with resources to fill all of the roles needed within our society. They also call us to overcome the limitations we need to transcend to move into a higher level of reality.

Your Greatest Lesson and Greatest Gift is just one part of your soul's purpose and plan for this life. You can learn more in our free booklet: Get in Tune with Your Soul's Purpose and Plan.

Want to Truly Know Yourself?

Our students and clients find the Greatest Lesson/Greatest Gift and the many other keys we teach for knowing yourself to be transformational. Learning how to know yourself is a primary focus of our Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Program. Awakening to your true purpose is one of the three keys to living fully in the Transformational Triad, which is the larger focus of our training.

Students are surprised to discover how much they don’t know and thrilled by the opportunities that emerge as they learn more.

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