Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

How Your Story Becomes Your Purpose

Your life is a story, a unique and personal one. Did you know that you can choose to turn your narrative into a hero’s journey?

Here’s the challenge: it’s easy to be unaware of your heroic possibilities as you get lost in routine, distraction and hurry-and-worry.

So let’s look at how you can become the hero/heroine of your own story – consciously authoring your own life. 

What Limits Your Story  

What holds you back? It’s largely the limiting beliefs, programmed into us by authorities and carried over from generation to generation and lifetime to lifetime. 

Let’s note some common examples, described by neuroscience educator and author Sara Peyton as “self-management.” As you become aware of these mindsets, you can start to change.  

Below are some limiting and liberating mindsets to manage your well-being. 

* Comparison: “Everyone else has it figured out” versus “I can take steps to get clarity and get help too.”  

* Proving ourselves wrong: “I should have healed by now – I’m 50 years old!” versus “I’ve made progress and can continue to improve.” 

* Verbal self-abuse: “I’m so stupid” versus “I know and can do certain things. I value myself.” 

* Blaming others: “This all happened because they…” versus “Yes this may be challenging, but I can find ways to empower myself.”

 What’s the bottom line of all these terrible restrictions that we put on ourselves? It’s shame.  This mistaken identity includes such self-labels as ”I’m a failure” or “Something is wrong with me.”   

To be sure, this is not your soul speaking to you. 

How Christy Upgraded Her Story and Purpose 

Christy is a student in our Spiritual Holistic Coaching and Healing Program. She used one of our processes to dramatically change her story. It was about the disempowering relationship she had with her brother.  

Now in her fifth decade of life, Christy still repeated the pattern of trying to help her brother when he was struggling, such as with finding and keeping a job.  When offering a suggestion to him, he would become defensive and yell at her. She always ended up feeling helpless and defeated.

 After connecting with her soul, Christy received a beautiful image: a dove in her heart. As a part of the healing process, she sent that image into her old self, the one reacting to her brother. 

In the days following this process, her relationship with her brother changed.  She was more present and avoided the old triggers. She could now hold a loving space for him, understanding that he had free will to make his own choices. Their time together became more positive, and her story had been upgraded to a more fulfilling one. 

 Christy described a confrontation that occurred after the healing session, “I felt myself relax and my heart open. I truly felt unconditional love for him even in that moment of madness. It all ended as peacefully as such a thing can.”

Upgrading Your Story 

You too can rewrite your story and upgrade it like Christy did. She went from feeling triggered and defeated by her brother to a more loving, supportive person in his life, as she empowered her own self. 

For yourself, you can take specific steps to change your story where it is flagging, to become the hero of your own story. You can fulfill your higher destiny. 

How-To’s on Purposively Upgrading Your Life  

You can change limiting and self-defeating patterns. One way to start is to think of a limiting pattern – for example, not being good with money or relationships. Then remember an exception to that pattern.  However small, remember that time you succeeded with money or had a good time in a relationship.  

To build on that success, start changing your self-talk. Go from,I’m a person who [keeps failing, doesn’t matter, etc.]” to “I’m a person who keeps learning and growing, on a creative, fulfilling journey.” 

Here’s another couple of mantras to adopt and say to yourself regularly: “I’m a person who finds ways to succeed with [money, relationships etc.].” “I keep finding ways to overcome and win at life.” 

Final Thoughts on Your Purpose and Story

Take a moment to appreciate that you are on a rare, precious journey. However many times you incarnate, this one is unique with an expiration date.  Don’t let life’s routines, distractions, and obligations consume you. In other words, live your life, don’t just go through the motions. 

Wherever you feel lost or deflated, use it as a signal. It’s a doorway, an opportunity to re-evaluate  and uplift your life. You can be in charge whenever you decide to do so. 

Then you go from being a wandering generality to a meaningful specific, as Zig Ziglar said. 

Of course you are a human being, not a human doing. Yet as you upgrade your story and become more – with more intentional choices and inspired actions – you do live more fully. You live on purpose, which is a wonderfully meaningful way to live.

 As you change your story, you change your world and the world at large.  You will never be the same as you embark on a wonderful heroic journey. You can do it!