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The Spiritual Healing Certification Course

Spiritual Healing Course

If you are interested in becoming a spiritual healer, the Spiritual Healer Certification Course from Awakenings Institute may be just what you are seeking. This state-of-the-art training taps into the heart of spiritual healing with transformational results.

Why Choose Spiritual Healing?

Healing in its purest form is a process of moving onto the path of well-being. This is where spiritual healing excels. It accesses the most powerful energy available for addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues with miraculous joy and ease.

Spiritual healers help their clients to integrate more of their wholeness, their magnificence, and their full potential as wonderful spiritual beings.

If this is what you are seeking, you can experience it yourself and share the gift of spiritual healing with others in this Spiritual Healing Certification Course.

How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Spiritual healing is essentially a process of transforming an individual’s normal experience of reality. In the Spiritual Healer Program, you will learn to do this using a miraculously simple method of shifting it from a restrictive field of possibilities to more expansive field of possibilities.

This may sound abstract at first, but it draws on some of the latest science, where everything is energy and everything is connected. This level of awareness is the spirit of the Spiritual Healer Course, which focuses on a uniquely quick and easy process called the Super Reality Shift.

Would you like to help yourself and others to experience miraculous changes?

Do you feel guided to become certified as a Spiritual Healer as part of your spiritual calling?

Your instructors (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) have pursued this mission professionally for more than twenty-five years. These questions have been important for us. They led us on a quest to understand the nature of the spiritual journey and how to move forward with the greatest ease.

In the process, our lives changed dramatically. Our journey led us into an entirely new career as holistic life coaches, healers, authors, trainers, and ministers of holistic healing with Awakenings Institute, the non-profit organization that offers this program.

Benefits of the Spiritual Healer Certification Program

Awakenings Institute’s Spiritual Healer Certification Program includes a minimum of two training courses. Through a combination of home study and direct contact with your instructor, you will learn uniquely fast and powerful techniques you can use with a wide range of issues

Spiritual healing is not limited to a narrow range of applications. Applications include health and well-being, prosperity, relationships, career, stress and other emotional issues, and much more.

For the most part, you can the “Try it (the Super Reality Shift) on everything.” This process is non-invasive and life-enhancing. The only limitation is that it is not intended as a substitute for the services of a medical or psychological professional, where needed. That being said, spiritual healing complements the services of these professionals in wonderful ways.

The Beauty of Spiritual Healing

Awakenings Institute’s heart-centered approach is based on some fundamental understandings of the nature of life:

  • Life is a journey to wholeness and each of us in on a path to realizing our purpose and opening fully to the life we were born to live. 
  • Our natural state is total well-being. Anything less indicates that there is a block, restriction, or resistance to our potential for experiencing total well-being.
  • A spiritual healer has the honor of helping clients to reduce resistance, expand their possibilities, and live more fully.

The Spiritual Healing Course provides techniques designed to produce dramatic changes quickly and easily as possible, so clients can move on with their lives. In addition to reducing resistance, these methods can also help clients to experience accelerated spiritual growth and transformational shifts in awareness.

If this prospect sounds exciting to you, you’re in the right place.

This unique training is an independent home study program where you can:

  1. 1
    Develop a profound understanding of spiritual healing
  2. 2
    Learn powerful techniques that tap into the heart of healing
  3. 3
    Experience personal healing sessions using spiritual healing

Upon completion of your your prerequisite course, you will receive certification as an EFT Level 1 Practitioner or a Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner in addition to the Spiritual Healer Certificate.

Your Personal Spiritual Healing Sessions

The personal healing sessions that are included with the course provide unique benefits to you. Through first-hand experience, you will understand spiritual healing the most fully.

These spiritual healing sessions allow you to master some subtle skills and spiritual states of awareness. Both are essential elements in your success with the Super Reality Shift,

As mentioned, the Super Reality Shift is surprisingly simple and effective. The skill is in the details and we want to help you to hone your ability to perform this profound healing technique well with a wide range of issues.

How the Spiritual Healing Certification Program Works

This training is an independent home study program with a minimum of two courses:

  1. Course #1. Your choice of EFT Level 1 Certification or Spiritual Kinesiology Certification. Both serve as required prerequisites for the second course.

    For the best results, we recommend taking both of these courses. Each course includes unique information and techniques that will increase your professional expertise.
  2. Course #2. The Spiritual Healing Certification Course.

If you have completed either or both of the prerequisite courses, you can register for the Spiritual Healing Certification Course now. If not, you can click on one of the following links to learn more about:

  1. EFT Level 1 Certification Course
  2. Spiritual Kinesiology Certification Course

Upon completion of your your prerequisite course, you will receive certification as an EFT Level 1 Practitioner or a Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner in addition to the Spiritual Healer Certificate.

You may also want to schedule a Free Planning Session with one of our trainers to discuss your possibilities and set up a personalized plan for your studies.

One of the great benefits of Awakenings' unique personalized approach to your education is that you can complete the course requirements at your own pace. Each success creates more success and we want you to succeed.

What Clients Say About the Super Reality Shift

Case History #1: Exhaustion

Jane performed the process with a client we will call Emily (her name was changed to maintain her privacy), who reported experiencing waves of exhaustion for the last 5 or 6 weeks. She needed a lot of sleep and if she did anything extra, she could be tired for a whole week. She was concerned that the condition was not improving.

A day after experiencing the Super Reality Shift, here’s what Emily had to say:

“I am so grateful for the healing! There have been huge shifts. I came home today feeling energized and finished some cleaning that had been left. I have not been able to do anything in the evenings. I am looking forward to feeling like the ‘old me’ – alive and energized.”

You may also be wondering about the lasting effects. Five months later, Emily reported that she has continued to feel stronger and stronger. She said that the “old me” was indeed back!

Case History #2: Foot Condition

For ten years, Rachel suffered from a tremendously uncomfortable poulus, which is similar to a corn, on the bottom of her right foot. Five years ago, she went to a foot doctor to have it removed. Unfortunately, the procedure also severed some nerves and caused numbness. To make it worse, the corn came back. As a result, walking was painful and she ended up with a limp.

Rachel was in pain all day every day and her quality of life was severely compromised. Since she could not walk normally because of the pain, her foot was also becoming deformed.

Following the Super Reality Shift, Rachel’s foot was so comfortable, she could wear regular shoes, rather than the padded tennis shoes she had worn for years. And the results lasted. Six weeks later, Rachel reported that she was still practically pain free, even though she was on her feet much more than she had been before.

In Rachel’s words, “the difference is night and day.” She was also happy to report that her disposition changed dramatically, being free of pain. The deformation is her foot was also normalizing gradually as time passed.

Case History #3: Depression

Daniel was suffering with a personal disappointment that was causing him to feel depressed about the future. He felt like he had been betrayed by some people around him and didn’t know where to turn to feel better.

As generally happens, after the Super Reality Shift, Daniel felt enthusiastic about moving on with his life. He even had some ideas about his next steps, which amazed him, considering he was completely stuck just moments earlier. Above all, Daniel was impressed by the feelings of love radiating from his heart. It was a tremendous relief and he knew he could forgive the people who had betrayed him.

Checking back with Daniel about a month later, he was in the process of following through on the ideas that came to him during his session, and he was still feeling optimistic about the future.

From these case histories, you can see this process has broad applications.

Steps to Completion

To complete the Spiritual Healer Program and be certified as a Spiritual Healer, you will…

1. Complete one or both of the following prerequisite courses:

Though it's not specifically required, Awakenings Institute generally recommends a minimum of three courses for professional use. Both of these courses teach powerful skills you can use along with our most advanced spiritual healing technique - the Super Reality Shift - to help clients on a wide range of issues. 

These courses will also prepare you to understand and successfully perform the Super Reality Shift technique, which is the main element of the Spiritual Healer Course itself. Follow the links above to learn more about these courses.

2. Complete the following elements of the Spiritual Healing Course:

  • Read the book The Ultimate Paradigm Shift  for an overview of the territory you will be exploring with the Super Reality Shift.
  • Listen to The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Audio Course.
  • If Soul Centering is new to you, practice this technique (from The Ultimate Paradigm Shift book) so you can easily achieve a soulfully centered state.
  • Read the Spiritual Healing with the Super Reality Shift Training Manual
  • Attend 3 30-50 minute mentoring sessions. In these healing sessions, you will experience the Super Reality shift personally, both for learning and for your own healing. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and hone your skills.
  • Practice the techniques from the books on others, focusing primarily on the Super Reality Shift. 20 Hours of documented practice is required for certification.• Successfully complete the written Spiritual Healer Certification Exam, which includes multiple choice and essay questions based on the Ultimate Paradigm Shift book and Super Reality Shift Training Manual, to be completed as an open-book exam.

3. Attend an oral interview.

Once you complete the course requirements, the final step is to attend a 20-minute Oral Phone Interview with Phillip or Jane Mountrose. The primary purpose of this interview is to review the results of the written exam and provide some direction as you set out for the future.

4. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for display.

How long does it take to complete the Spiritual Healer Program?

The beauty of home-study is that you can go at your own pace and on your own schedule. Generally, it takes 4-8 weeks to complete a single course. This means the Spiritual Healer Program, with two courses, would generally take about 8 to 16 weeks.

Though people typically finish single courses within a couple months, you have up to two years to complete the training. Whatever your situation is now, there is no time like the present to make this commitment to your future and your purpose.

In summary, only you can make this your time! If this program feels right for you, your greatest chance of success is to start now.

What is the Tuition for the Spiritual Healing Course?

Option 1:
The Spiritual Healing Certification Program

Reduced tuition for a limited time only

$697 $527 One-Time Tuition Payment


EFT or Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) Certification Course plus the Spiritual Healing Certification Course

Note: Upon payment you can email us your choice of either the EFT or SK Certification.

Option 2:
The Spiritual Healing Certification Course

* Available to those who have taken EFT or SK Certification or something equivalent

$497 $397 One-Time Tuition Payment


Spiritual Healing Certification Course

If you are interested learning more, you can also start is with a Free Strategy Session.
We'd be delighted to speak with you. In this session, we can answer your questions and when you are ready, get you started.

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By following your spiritual calling you will help so many more people, including yourself.

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. 
t’s why you are born. And how you become most truly alive.”

– Oprah Winfrey

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