EFT and GTT (Getting Thru Techniques) Audios

EFT Two CD Audio Set

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EFT Video 1 Page
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On this page, you can enjoy the audios from the Two CD Audio Set. These audios are great for self healing. Find a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy.

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Left click with your mouse on any of the audios below.

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Audios from CD1:EFT download audios

  1. How┬áto do EFT — 24 minutes
  2. Holistic Process — 23 minutes
  3. Unification Process — 23 minutes

Audios From CD2:

  1. Break Thru Process — 23 minutes
  2. Reframing Process — 10 minutes
  3. Inner Healer Process — 11 minutes

EFT Video 1 Page
EFT Video 2 Page