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Transformational Intuitive Certification Training

Your intuition is one of your most important gifts. But most people ignore it and don't know how much they are missing. With comprehensive EFT Intuitive Healer online training, consider the possibilities:

Develop Your Intuition

Here's the challenge. You may be wondering how you can you use intuition reliably. ... And how can you combine your intuition with a powerful healing technique like EFT?

In your life and your work, Intuition is an essential resource for creating the best possible life. Yet you may feel like you're not fully using it, but you can't figure out what is missing.

We spent years trying to figure out how to use our intuition, with just getting bits and pieces, making slow progress. It was frustrating, because we knew that accessing our inner guidance and intuition couldn't be as difficult as it appeared to be. 

Over the years, we discovered the critical keys for accessing your inner guidance and wisdom. After extensive training, we eventually put things together -- and were able to use intuition in so much of our lives. What a blessing!

Like many people, you may be perplexed by this dilemma: Even though people know intuition is important, most lack confidence in themselves and don't know where to begin.

Here are some common questions:

  • How do you know your real intuition from just your imagination?
  • How do you stop doubting yourself and shutting down your intuitive abilities?
  • How do you separate intuition from random thoughts
  • How do you know if you have preconceived ideas of what intuition should be? Such misconceptions can even cut you off from your actual intuition.
  • How can you reliably use your intuition?
Maze of Questions about Highest Potential

Maybe you've had a bad experience with what you thought was your intuition and now are second-guessing yourself. Or maybe your intuition is solid and you want to develop it further.

Developing the power of your intuition is a lot like exploring a new world. It allows you to access truth and wisdom you never knew you had. It also paints a much different picture of reality than most of us have experienced up until now.

Using Intuition with EFT and Energy Healing

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is widely recognized as a premier energy-healing technique. As effective as EFT and energy healing can be, there are times when you will get lost and stuck.

That's when knowing how to reliably access and use your intuition can make all the difference.

Not only can intuition boost your effectiveness with EFT. So too can EFT help you gain clarity and confidence in your intuition. The two work together, effectively and profoundly.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

--Albert Einstein

Announcing ...

Online Training Course

Now we've holistically combined intuition with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)... to make something very good even better. Combining intuition with EFT transcends the value of using either approach by itself.

It took us many years of research and trial-and-error to learn how to use intuition effectively. It led to creating an earlier Intuition Certification Course.

Now, over a two-year period, we have carefully built this Transformational Intuitive Course from the ground up.

We've taken some of our best practical, tested, real-world techniques that blend EFT with intuition -- and developed some new ones for this current course.

The course covers EFT and adds some new elements. Overall, the primary focus of this concise course shows you:
1) how to develop your intuition
2) plus how to use intuition with EFT to optimize your results 

Note: This is a stand-alone course, or you can become a Certified EFT Intuitive Healer as well (details are below).

Imagine getting better results -- finding hidden solutions and more creativity -- in your work and in your life, including with healing and coaching.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You'll be clear on what intuition is and what it is not -- and how it really works
  • Know how to trust yourself to make better decisions 
  • You can easily combine EFT and other energy healing modalities with your intuition, speeding up insights and processes
  • When EFT isn't working well or you get lost, which inevitably occurs, you can use intuition to find answers and your next step
  • You can use intuition as a bridge to the soul
  • You can reliably use intuition with EFT for a wide range of issues, such as life purpose direction, healing relationships and building confidence  

Who’s this Course for?

Coaches, Healers, Educators, Business People, Artists, Health Care Professionals, Self-Taught Learners, and Holistic-Minded people.

To be clear, this course is not about being a psychic medium or fortune teller.

This practical course will give you crucial information and a versatile set of tools about intuition and energy healing for:

1) Self-Development
2) Helping friends and family
3) Using professionally with clients and at work

Note: If you are already highly intuitive ... Whereas many are just getting going with their intuition, some people are naturally in touch with their inner knowingness. 

If highly intuitive already, you will still receive many benefits from this course. It will provide structure, tools and specific knowledge that will definitely accelerate your development.

So whether you are a beginner or highly intuitive, this course will give you an abundance of resources that you can't find elsewhere -- and you can use them in your daily life, starting today.

What You'll Discover in this Course

The Transformational Intuition
 book with EFT 

Here is a sampling of what you will learn in this easy-to-follow book:

* Learn how to bring the Big Picture into focus to activate your intuition
* Understand how intuition fits into your Journey to Wholeness

Chapter 1: Opening to Your Inner World
* Learn specifically how to open to Your Higher Senses
* Know The Transformational Triad, which maps out the three essential keys to human development

Chapter 2: The Bridge to Higher Awareness
* Know how to create the Bridge to Your Soul, including The Soul Centering Process
* Learn the Seven Intuitive Traits
* Determine the Keys for Protection

Chapter 3: Accessing Your Inner Vision
* Learn the different inner intuitive senses
* Visualize with Psychometry to get intuitive insights with people, places and things
* Find Your "Sacred Place"

Chapter 4: Strengthening the Power of Your Intuition
* Know how to Sense the Energy of Words
* Use Your Body as Your Guide
* Create Powerful Purposeful Thoughts

Chapter 5: Addressing Obstacles and Opportunities
* Access the Deeper Meaning of Life
* Use your inner "Control Panel "to reduce negative energies and increase positive ones
* Understand how to Make Wise Decisions

Chapter 6: Dealing with Life’s Challenges
* Explore Dream Blockers, clear things that stand between you and your true potential
* Know the Current Lesson Checklist, a versatile muscle-testing tool to understand virtually any issue
* Use Your Intuitive Screen to pinpoint a block

Chapter 7: Putting It All Together
* Use "Strategic Intuition" for creativity and problem solving
* Find your Perfect Place for love, healing and your next steps
* Create the Path to Your Dreams

How to do:
* Holistic EFT
(Emotional Freedom Techniques)
* SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) -- Reframing and Anchoring Process

Five Transformational EFT Intuitive Healer Videos

By using intuition and EFT, these videos demonstrate different processes that pinpoint blocks and reveal powerful solutions. These demonstration videos come with detailed commentaries of the processes, which are also described in the Transformational Intuition book.  

1. Journey from the Mud to Mountain Top
This easy visualization takes your from the negative, down state (being in the mud) to a high, soulful state (the mountaintop).

Watch Donna get clarity on fears about her new career and find her "brave mode" and source of deep guidance.

2. Enlisting the Power of the Intuitive Traits
Each of us has seven intuitive traits that are at various levels of strength. This Intuitive Traits Checklist pinpoints where you are strong and weak and how to use your abilities better. 

After assessing her intuitive traits, Jane helps Jeryl Ann find a special intuitively aligned EFT tapping statement.  From this process, Jeryl Ann learned how to embody herself as a vehicle to express truth and goodness.

3. Creating a Purposeful Thought
Determining and using a concise, soul-infused thought can help you in any area of life, including your work, relationships or health.

Carissa finds her perfect personal mantra for her career. Afterwards, it became part of her daily meditation, and then her guiding light to frame the day, finding joy and purpose.

4. Relationship Analyzer and Dream Blockers 
You can use an Intuitive Screen in your mind to see your relationship to just about anything: between you and your work. or a person. or a desire.  Also, removing Dream Blockers opens up the path to reaching your true potential.

Using this approach, Jane helps Sandy have a remarkable breakthrough with a special EFT affirmation. For a lifetime, Sandy had felt like she didn't belong, feeling estranged from her community.

In this process, Sandy found clarity and tremendous love and compassion.  Immediately following, her life and job opportunity opened up.

5. Exploring the Current Lessons Checklist
You can use the Current Lessons Checklist with muscle testing to pinpoint just about any area that is up for healing.

With this versatile checklist and EFT, Phillip helps John to realize he is not a slave to his schedule. After the process, John realized that he can value himself as a productive person. Plus, quite importantly, he gained intuitive insights and strategies to use his time much better.

Note: The video testimonials (shown below) come from these demonstrations, revealing the transformations they brought to each person.

"The 7 Blocks to Your Intuition and Your Secret Weapon (EFT)"

Two-Part Webinar with
downloadable audios

Three Transformational Intuitive Audio Processes with Workbook

These are three effective Intuitive Processes, drawn from our original Intuition Course.

1. Preparation -- Centering and Meeting Your Soul

2. More Guidance and Healing -- Connecting with Higher Sources for insight, healing and direction

3. Symbolic Imagery : Three signature visualizations using distinct settings to develop your intuition

NOTE: You will also receive The Intuitive Techniques Workbook with all the scripts for the above audios, plus additional valuable information.

Two Personal Mentoring Calls

Get additional individual help and all your questions answered  ($150 value)

"Best Learning Practices" Video  and Tipsheet

Exclusive video on the essential tips to optimize what you learn. This "learning how to learn" will greatly accelerate your ability to comprehend the course. And it can also be used to optimize your learning of any subject.

Finding Practice Partners Tipsheet

"How to Find People to Practice on" essential tips. (Also works for finding paid clients too!)

How this Intuitive Training Course works

You will get immediate access to all online materials upon enrolling.

To complete your  EFT Intuition Healer Course and receive your certification*, you set your schedule and simply...

Step 1: Study the included book, audios and videos at your own rate

Step 2: Log 20 hours of practicing the techniques

Step 3: Complete an open book written exam when you are ready

Step 4: Have a short individual phone consultation for closure (a valuable experience in itself) 

Receive your attractive EFT Intuitive Practitioner Certificate, which is suitable for framing -- with all the competence and confidence that comes with it.

* NOTE: Regarding Certification
You can take this course with or without certification. To be certified as an Transformational Intuitive, you also need prior EFT Certification: either 36 hours training in EFT from us at Awakenings Institute or another recognized organization.

ALSO, as an alternative, you can take this course without certification, as it works well as a stand-alone course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much EFT is there in the program and does it tie into intuition?

How long does it take to complete the EFT Intuitive Healer Certification Course?

About Your Instructors
Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Phillip and Jane Mountrose, Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute, have reached thousands of people during the past 25 years in the field.  They specialize in how to significantly deepen and expand the results people get from EFT and energy healing. In the process, they wrote what are now among the most popular books on EFT. Since 1996, they have written over a dozen books and manuals on energy healing, personal growth and EFT. 

Phillp and Jane Mountrose Quote

What People Are Saying about these EFT Intuitive Techniques

Sandy Kloes, Educator

Carissa Daniel, Transformational Coach and Writer

Jeryl Anne Heatherdale, Massage Therapist,
Holistic Healing Workshop Leader

John Fiore, Anxiety Relief and
Sports Performance Coach

The Value of Developing Your Intuition and Energy-Healing Skills

Even though the mainstream may devalue and overlook intuition, you probably know this is a limited perspective. It misses the big picture. For body-mind-emotions-spirit, you need both reason and intuition to work as an integrated whole.

Intuition plays a crucial role in how successfully you function and live in the world. What's the cost in lost confidence, opportunity and success when your intuition is lacking?  Without a strong intuition, you will be far more dependent on others and separated from your own inner truth. 

When you combine EFT and energy healing with your intuition, it gives you an advantage in so many areas: at work, in relationships, with your health and more ...

Intuition will make EFT more effective, and intuition will boost EFT. The two interconnected areas provide a synthesis, making a great team. Together, EFT and intuition can produce extraordinary results, as the testimonials on this page describe.

Then, If you have more confidence and ability at work and in your life, how much is that worth? Besides the additional income and opportunities, how much does your intuition add to the quality of your life?

To Recap: When You Enroll Today, You'll Get...

What You Get

Basic Intuitive Course

Certified Intuitive Course


Intuition with EFT Book

Six EFT Intuition videos

How to Do Holistic EFT Video 

"7 Blocks to Intuition" Webinars

"Best Learning Practices" video 

3 Intuitive Techniques Audios 


Intuitive Techniques Workbook with scripts


"Finding Practice Partners" Tipsheet


2 Private Mentoring Sessions


EFT Intuitive Healer Certificate

Gettingthru Heart

We value you! 

After you complete the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

Enroll Now

You can enroll in either the Intuitive Basic Course or Certification Course. If you wish to receive your Intuitive Certification, then you need a 36-hour training in EFT from us at Awakenings Institute, or another recognized organization.

Integrating intuition and healing make a powerful team for creating the best life imaginable

Choose the Right Option for You Now 

Basic course
Intuitive TRAINING
Online Course
  • Transformational Intuition Book
  • Six EFT Intuitive Videos
  • How to do Holistic EFT Video and Handout
  • "Best Learning Practices" video guide and Tipsheet
  • "7 Blocks to Intuition" Webinars

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2) eft Level 1 online certification course

Includes the Intuitive Certification Course PLUS the Holistic EFT Level 1 Certification Course, which includes:

  • Holistic EFT Training Manual
  • Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT Book
  • Nine Holistic EFT Videos & commentaries
  • Six Holistic EFT Audios
  • Level 1 Holistic EFT Practitioner Certificate 

Limited Time Offer:




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What Students Have to Say about Awakenings' Intuition Training

Jackie Lefebvre
Holistic Practitioner

"After completing this course, my visions are clearer. Now they are sharper, more solid looking and have defined edges. I have learned that I am more intuitive than I ever gave myself credit for."

Jerris Greenblat
Business Manager

"The unfolding continues to be amazing! There are many gifts that I have that I was not aware of. Through the Intuitive Techniques Course, I have learned to trust what comes to me. Everyone I worked with resonated with the things I saw or felt."

Aisha Bracket
Spiritual Entrepreneur

"The intuitive techniques have affected my personal and spiritual growth in a number of ways. I experienced healing I did not know I even needed. I was able to identify blockages in my own aura and energy that were previously deeply rooted and remove them. The aura and chakra readings have been most attractive to clients and I have acquired a number of them." 

Angele Boudreau

"This material brought astounding results.  Many people are coming back to me stating they are more balanced and feel more energized after just one session."

Sue Lang
Healer and Artist

"The course provides excellent techniques that I now use for very in-depth insights that allow people to access deep layers of their psyche. This awareness then allows the client a more solid foundation to make better decisions in their life. The methods are very useful in looking at not only the broad picture but also in very specific aspects."

Choose the Right Option for You Now 

Basic course
EFT Intuitive Healer
Online Course
  • Transformational Intuition Book
  • Six EFT Intuitive Videos
  • How to do Holistic EFT Video and Handout
  • "Best Learning Practices" video guide and Tipsheet
  • "7 Blocks to Intuition" Webinars

Limited Time Offer:



1) EFT Intuitive Healer CERTIFICATION Course
2) eft Level 1 online certification course

Includes the EFT Intuitive Healer Certification Course PLUS the Holistic EFT Level 1 Certification Course, which includes:

  • Holistic EFT Training Manual
  • Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT Book
  • Nine Holistic EFT Videos & commentaries
  • Six Holistic EFT Audios
  • Level 1 Holistic EFT Practitioner Certificate 

Limited Time Offer:



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