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Spiritual Intuition Home Study Training Course

Unique exclusive practical spiritual intuition training course with Energy Healing Experts and Holistic Coaches Phillip and Jane Mountrose.

You can start today online -- no travel required.

OFFERED SINCE 2004 – gain from more than 25 years of in-depth experience.

Open to more possibilities to create a joyful and fulfilling life

Roshan Madharjee Holistic Healer, Toronto, Canada

Had it not been for all the healing modalities in this course and the other ones in the Mountroses' Spiritual Counselor Program, I would not be where I am today. As I have been healed, it gave me confidence that I can follow my life calling in the same manner and help the universe."

Here is a sampling of what you will learn for intuition training...

How to use your intuition in a systematic, comprehensive way to be consistently effective and confident

Dozens of transformational tips and insights you won't want to be without on how to concretely develop your psychic ability

How to develop your Intuitive Screen -- a simple technique that gives you profound insights, including how to make decisions on relationships and career.

A structured approach to learning intuition, so you're not left guessing and stumbling around.

Clear step-by-step processes for ease of learning and which produce more long-lasting results

Developing your soul's gifts with specific visualizations and assessments

Understanding the energy field along with strategies for balancing, aligning and researching.

How to use vibrational healing and repairing the etheric gridwork

Knowing how to understand symbolic imagery and colors and much more...

Jackie Lefebvre Holistic Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

After completing this Intuition Course, my visions are clearer. Now they are sharper, more solid looking and have defined edges. I have learned that I am more intuitive than I ever gave myself credit for."

Jerris Greenblatt Business Manager, San Luis Obispo, California

The unfolding continues to be amazing! There are many gifts that I have that I was not aware of. Through this Intuitive Techniques Course, I have learned to trust what comes to me. Everyone I worked with resonated with the things I saw or felt."

Angele Boudreau Psychotherapist, Ontario, Canada

This material brought astounding results.  Many are coming back stating they are more balanced and feel more energized after just one session."

A variety of ways to follow up:

  • More studies with Spiritual Counseling Certification Program

  • Tools and a support community for building a successful practice

How long does it take to complete your Spiritual Intuitive Home Study Certification?

Generally, it takes 4-10 weeks. Of course, since it's a home-study, you can go at your own pace for optimal learning and convenience.

This course is designed to shortcut the learning curve for your intuition development and have you experience optimal results in a relatively short time.

Perhaps the bottom line is: if you feel guided to learn these simple and powerful techniques, we suggest you follow your heart and let this course assist you.

Aisha Brackett

​Spiritual Entrepreneur,
Henderson, NV

​The intuitive techniques have affected my personal and spiritual growth in a number of ways. I experienced healing I did not know I even needed. I was able to identify blockages in my own aura and energy that were previously deeply rooted and remove them. The aura and chakra readings have been most attractive to clients and I have acquired a number of them." ​

​Sue Lang

​​Healer and Artist
​South Australia

​​The course provides excellent techniques that I now use for very in-depth insights that allow people to access deep layers of their psyche.  This awareness then allows the client a more solid foundation to make better decisions in their life. The methods are very useful in looking at not only the broad picture but also in very specific aspects."

Save time, money and energy. Take your Intuition Training course from the convenience of your home or anywhere.

By taking Awakenings Holistic EFT Home-Study Course, you go at your own rate, having time to learn these life-changing techniques. Wouldn't you enjoy learning at your own pace?

To Recap ...

With Awakenings Intuition Home-Study Certification Training, you will receive many benefits to accelerate your learning and growth...

You will be learning from veteran teachers who have developed this program from many years of experience, research and proven approaches.

You will receive a library of comprehensive study materials, which you will refer to for years to come. It will continue to deepen your learning.

You will become much more resilient, an essential trait to help people, including yourself, through the ups and downs of assisting others

Gettingthru Heart

We value you.  

After you complete the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.


Spiritual Intuition Home Study
Certification Course

Includes Getting Thru to Soul Intuitive Techniques hard-copy workbook in 3-ring binder and 4 cds

Tuition ​$247

Credit card or Paypal accepted

To add mentoring (two twenty-minute sessions for $95), call or email us at any time.

​​We look forward to seeing your progress.

To the heart and soul of your success,

​Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

P.S., Remember that you can start today online -- no travel required.​

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