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The Miracle Reframe with EFT

Miracles are creations that exceed your expectations, by a little or a lot! Or they are just wonderfully different outcomes from what you expected.

In order to be a miracle maker, you need the right mind set. This means aligning yourself with higher vibrations. A high vibration will more easily attract what you want.

How do you align yourself with those “higher vibrations”?  There are many ways, including the Miracle Reframe Process described below.

In a matter of minutes, it can elevate your perspective… from fear, doubt, self-diminishment, etc. into the realms of the infinite, where you can recognize that anything is truly possible.

Strengthening Your Brain Circuits Too

Just considering something is possible activates portions of your brain, giving you breathing space for more possibilities in your life.  Further still, you can expect good things to happen, even if you don’t know how (which you may well not know anyway). Expecting good things again activates parts of your brain, including the prefrontal areas that help you control your impulses and anxiety.


Using the premier energy-healing technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Phillip Mountrose shares with you this easy-to-do technique he and his wife Jane Mountrose created called The Miracle Reframe™ with EFT.

Use this fast and effective process on improving anything in your life: finances, relationships, health, you name it. It’s always time for a miracle.

Watch the short video below — followed by instructions on how to do The Miracle Reframe with EFT.


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The Miracle Reframe with EFT — Instructions

1. THE SETUP: Focus on bringing an emotion or issue into your awareness in the present moment in the usual way.

2. THE EVALUATION: When you have brought the emotion up to its full intensity (or whatever intensity feels comfortable), measure its strength between one and ten.

3. THE AFFIRMATION: While rubbing the “Sore Spot” on the chest, repeat the following affirmation three times: “Even though I have this ____________, I know that anything is possible and miracles are happening now,” filling in the blank with the name of the emotion, like fear, frustration, doubt, and so on.

4. THE TAPPING SEQUENCE: Follow the normal tapping sequence, while repeating the following reminder phrase once at each point: “Miracles are happening now.”

5. THE RE-EVALUATION: When you have completed the tapping sequence, take a nice deep breath, focus on the emotion or issue again and notice how you feel now.

Evaluate it again between one and ten to bring any difference in your experience into your awareness. If some intensity remains, evaluate the emotion again to notice if it has changed (such as from fear to anger, and so on) and repeat the process.

6. THE MIRACLE: When the intensity of the issue is down close to zero, connect with your heartfelt joy and ask what the next step is in relation to your goal and for any other thoughts that emerge with the clearing, recognizing that when the issue is released, the soul’s wisdom emerges.

This may be all you need to get back on track with your goal. If not, in this resourceful state, you and your partners can freely create the most wonderful possible outcome.

Creating the Most Miraculous Outcome

Once the Miracle Reframe™ is complete, you can discuss the challenging goal from a new perspective, connecting with the most miraculous, joyful, and fulfilling outcome.  Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

• What outcome would bring you the most joy?
• With no limits (on time, money, distance, or any other factor), what would be your most desirable outcome?
• How can the universe support you in the realization of this goal?

If you are sensing that limitations are clouding the picture, you may want to consider suggestions that would be more freeing or joyful. Ask questions that offer new options, like “Would this way be more joyful?” or “Is this really the easiest way you can imagine?”

Remember, you are looking for the most miraculous result, without being hindered by and limiting ideas of what is and is not possible. With miracles in mind, create the goal, confirming why and the image. When the process is complete, visualize it.


If you enjoyed the Miracle Reframe, here is a follow-up deeper training for miracle making in your life:

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To you and the person you are becoming, 

Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Insitute
Santa Maria, CA