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The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

If you want to experience life to the fullest and become a powerful creator of the life you were born to live, "The Ultimate Paradigm Shift" may be for you. Find out now with a free excerpt from the book. 

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How do you create the life you want, on your terms, for the good of yourself and others?

You know there is more to life, much more.  If you are like us, it's a priority to grow and evolve, to live on purpose with wonderful work, health and relationships -- and to do it with relative ease and confidence.

Yet then there is doubt, confusion and obstacles, that can interfere and even grind things to a halt. But it doesn't have to be that way...

In the spirit of becoming your best self, we are announcing ...

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Gift Package

This Special Package contains our new book with an accompanying recorded online 3-part course, plus some powerful Bonuses. 

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift package is based on our popular Manifesting Your Dreams Premium Coaching Course that we have taught for the past 10 years.  People from all walks of life have taken this course -- business people, coaches, healers, teachers, home makers, health care professionals and holistically minded people...

Using the tools and knowledge, students have manifested new careers, better health (including recoveries from illness like chronic fatigue and back pain, allergies and more), greater wealth and  relationships.

"A paradigm is the basic way of perceiving, thinking, valuing, and doing associated with a particular vision of reality."

-- Willis Harman, Futurist and Engineer

Now we have distilled the core tools and knowledge into a multi-dimensional and multi-modality package. We think you will find it the perfect gift to give yourself (and those you love) for more love, life and happiness.

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift is precisely designed to ...

  • Deal with uncertainty in these challenging times
  • Inspire your mind, which in turn creates new neural pathways in your brain
  • Provide specific, state-of-the-art holistic tools (like EFT and Reframing & Anchoring) and knowledge that you can use now and for a lifetime
  • Let you know how to have a fresh look at life
  • Help you live the best expression of yourself
  • Detail how to overcome stress to reach your full potential
  • Accelerate your soul's journey
  • Help you take inspired action to realize your dreams and goals
Jen Peters

This approach provides structure to an area that is traditionally quite ethereal and difficult to put into meaningful processes. This material is a bridge into the bigger picture for those who have an awareness that there's more to life than meets the eye."

What You'll Learn in the Ultimate Paradigm Shift Guidebook

The easy-to-read 65-page downloadable book will guide you through the following:

  • The Five New Facts of Life
  • The Power of Yes with EFT
  • How to tap into the Power of Your Mind
  • How to use your heart as your most important resource
  • A step-by-step map of the Creation Process
  • A simple experiment with happiness and success
  • Real life examples
  • The Seven Keys to Success  (an invaluable roadmap)
  • 12 Ways to Have a Great Day
  • The Miracle Reframe with EFT
  • The Reality Shift with EFT
  • Using Belief Statements
  • How to deal with uncertainty
  • The Three Paths Forward
  • The five critical heartfelt decisions you need to succeed and more...

Going Further ...

All webinars will be recorded with handouts so you can go even deeper into the material and get your questions answered.

Experience the Ultimate Paradigm Shift and Make It Work for You

The Seven Steps to Success

The Path Forward: Quick Start Action Plan
includes the Ultimate Shortcut

PLUS You Receive...

"The Reality Shift with EFT" Process (New Version)

See the how-to video with step-by-step instructions for this powerful, effective process using simple imagery to quickly transform your perspective and state of mind. Watch Klara transform her guilt about caretaking her aging father into peace and love.