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Life Purpose Guide Home Study Certification Course

Unique exclusive Certification Course with Energy Healing Experts and Holistic Coaches Phillip and Jane Mountrose.

OFFERED SINCE 2004 – gain from more than 25 years of in-depth experience.

Would you like to be able understand what makes people alike and what makes them different?

This is crucial... to really help yourself and others you need to be able to understand what makes people tick. You want to get a clear sense of each person's motivations and sensibilities, through their unique viewpoint, which may differ from yours.

To fully help people, you can't just use a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to be aware of where each individual person is coming from, how things are viewed from his or her perspective

To fulfill your potential, and help others, what do you need? You need a working knowledge, one that helps you connect deeply, communicate better and make precise adjustments where needed.

With a flexible system, one that has been tested and can be objectively studied, you can quickly tell what motivates one person versus another, what works for one versus another.

In short, you need a precise system that you can tailor for each person, including yourself.

For example, if you never knew the difference between a man and woman, you would not be able to discern key areas when talking to a woman rather than a man.

We have developed a system that can help you identify key areas of human functioning, as vital as male and female. Yet as crucial as they are, these key descriptors of ourselves often go unrecognized. We become like the fish who don't realize they are swimming in water and how it affects them.

A comprehensive program for understanding the connected pieces of your personality and soul....

How valuable would it be to objectively know your key attributes as well as others? Attributes such as your major role, goal, attitude, and body type in life. This concise, information-rich program answers many of life's profoundest mysteries.

This course elegantly describes the key pieces of the puzzle of who you are, so you live your true purpose right now.

It's neither a belief system or a cookie-cutter approach to labeling people. Rather it's a profound system of flexible, interconnected parts that can help you get to the root of things with extraordinary accuracy and depth.

The Life Purpose Guide Certification synthesizes the encyclopedic Michael Teachings, the profound Gurdjieff work, and the Enneagram with the Mountroses' far-reaching perspective.

It's a unique, effective blueprint for spiritual growth, which we call "Awaken to Your True Purpose."

Knowing the essential knowledge offered in this life-learning course gives you a comprehensive profile of your soul and personality characteristics that affect you every day of your life.

Here is some of what you will learn...

  • The 3 key elements of all healing processes
  • The 4 components of spiritual growth (all are needed for true growth and to avoid the pitfalls)

  • Your greatest lesson and greatest gift -- part of your essential nature
  • The role, goal, mode and attitude you chose for your growth (essential to know for
    self-knowledge and to understand others)
  • How using a specific shifting technique can create well being, aligning yourself with your goals and optimal functioning.
  • Your body type (shaping your physical and psychological traits)
  • Your center of gravity (Are you intellectually centered, emotionally centered, moving centered or instinctively centered?)

  • How your instincts, movements, emotions and thoughts work together -- and what happens when they don't
  • The seven intelligences we all possess and how they relate to your true purpose
  • The seven basic fear-patterns, including coming to know which one is your favorite. Usually people default into these defenses under stresses without even knowing it. Knowing your chief defense can help you make quantum leaps in your spiritual growth
  • The Law of Octaves and how it affects all success and failure that you experience
  • Specific ways the spiritual ego undermines your success and how you can overcome it
  • The difference between mechanical thinking and genuine creative thought, and how and when to use these aspects of your mind.
  • How to transform emotional charges and live your life in the present, free of stress.
  • How to understand buffers and "inner considering," common patterns that keep us stuck and fearful of others.
  • And much more...

Mary Jaworski Business Administrator 

Awaken to Your True Purpose is one of the unequalled Mountrose series of life-development guides. Awaken, like the other Getting Thru offerings, is far more than a "self-help" guide. It is a judicious blending of Gurdjieff's "The Fourth Way" and the "Michael Teachings" (channeled teachings that lucidly describe the human condition in vast detail).

Unlike other attempts to impart this information, Awaken to Your True Purpose is clear, concise, complete, and extremely easy to assimilate. As with the other Mountrose works, the sum of Awaken's parts are far greater than the whole. The information contained in Awaken, when combined with the Mountrose tools learned in their other works, has made a profound difference in my life."

With this unique training, you can...

  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses with the exact knowledge, tools and implementation you need

  • Have confidence in objectively understanding people's strengths and weaknesses

  • Be on track with life-soul purpose by knowing the person's deeper essence and make up

  • Have expert knowledge to get an overview of where a person is and how to proceed

  • Open to more possibilities to create a joyful and fulfilling life ... and much more..

Here is what's included in the Soul Purpose Advisor Home Study Course:

Awaken to Your True Purpose
and 5-part audio set

Filled with easy-to-use diagrams and references and written transcription of the audio material

Includes questionnaires to help assess your role, goal, attitude and chief defense -- crucial information for determining your purpose.


Two Bonus Audio Tutorials

  • "How to Live Your Life Purpose"

    --includes 5 keys to living your life purpose, the life purpose formula and the Miracle Reframe with EFT for life purpose
  • "Answers to Your Most Important Questions on Life Purpose"

To receive your certification, you simply...

1. Study the included manual and cds

2. Log 20 Hours of practicing the techniques

3. Complete an open-book written exam

4. Conclude your studies with a valuable individual telephone consultation reviewing the program.

Then you will receive an attractive, professional Certificate suitable for framing. The Certificate will say "Life Purpose Guide" on it.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Generally, it takes 4-8 weeks. Of course, since it's a home-study, you can go at your own pace for optimal learning and convenience.

Even though people typically finish the certification within a few months, you have two entire years to complete it. So even if you are not ready to start today, while the opportunity is before you, you may want to invest now in the Life Purpose Guide Home Study Course as an incentive to start sometime soon.

By taking Awakenings Soul Purpose Advisor Home-Study Course, you go at your own rate, having time to learn these proven, life-changing techniques.

To Recap...

With Awakenings Life Purpose Guide Home Study Certification Training, you will receive...

  • Step-by-step home study course workbook and accompanying 5-part audio set that’s easy to follow.

  • Assessment Questionnaires for determining, role, goal, attitude and mode
  • Two additional life purpose audio tutorials
  • A personal final consultation to give insight and closure to your course.
  • An attractive Life Purpose Guide Certificate with your name on it upon completion that you can display for those you serve and feel proud about what you've accomplished for yourself.
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We value you.  

After you complete the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.


As soon as you register, you will receive immediate access to the entire course online  with your email receipt. We will send you your hard-copy materials within a week (add another week if outside the US and Canada).

Choose the Program That's Right for You...


Life Purpose Guide
Home Study Course --

Online Version

Includes immediate Online Access to all Materials: workbook, audios, assessment questionaires and bonus tutorial audos

Tuition $197

No credit card required.


Life Purpose Guide
Home Study Course --

with Hard-Copy 

Includes the Workbook, hard-copy five cds, and assessment questionnaires

Plus Immediate Online Access to all materials

FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada

         Tuition $247

To add mentoring (two twenty-minute sessions for $75), call or email us at any time.

Congratulations for a wise decision and taking your next step. We look forward to seeing your progress.

To the heart and soul of your success,

Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

P.S. Remember that you can start today online -- no travel required.

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