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How to Boost Your Success with Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling Course

Keys to Communication

Do people naturally come to you for advice, support and improving their lives? This is a wonderful gift.

Spiritual healing, coaching and counseling can also be developed into a very valuable skill with the right training.

An Awakenings Institute's Continuing Education Courses for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Targeted training will bring out your natural talents and give you the confidence to help many more people, at a deeper level as well. Even if you have some related training, the right tools and knowledge will ground you.

Would you like to know more -- much more -- about how to help people progress on their spiritual path?  Perhaps you even feel called in some way to be a spiritual coach or counselor.

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

-- Carl Jung

Carl Jung would likely agree

Renowned psychotherapist Carl Jung noted that we all have emotions, memories and wishes. These "complexes" are often hidden or unconscious.

Jung thought it was perfectly normal to have emotional experiences that cause pain and suffering. And, in some cases, it might take some doing to help a person progress.

As a note, unless a person has professional training, we are not talking here about dealing with people with mental illness and serious psychological disorders.

You can help normal people with normal problems, sometimes in ways you might not imagine....

"The Spiritual Journey is a beautiful becoming..." -- Jane Mountrose

Who knows how many people you can touch and uplift by your presence and support?

What Most People Miss ...

Most people may do some things well, say, using a healing or coaching technique, yet it tends to be a random approach.

Instead of a piecemeal approach, which may be hit-and-miss, it's more effective (and satisfying) to have a systematic and spiritual approach.

Then you can go from being sometimes effective to... having deep results, from getting inconsistent results... to regular breakthroughs, from ordinary.... to extraordinary.

Your work will become much richer, meaningful and more enjoyable as a result.

Announcing ...
Boost Your Success with Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling Online Training Course

Learn a systematic, enlightening approach to Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling and discover ...

  • The do's and don'ts of helping people -- exactly what will and won't help
  • Your most important asset
  • The in's and out's of your role
  • How to understand and inspire others
  • A system to succeed
  • How to be an effective trusted adviser
  • The keys to building powerful connections
  • How to develop your emotional and spiritual intelligence and those you help
  • How to help people step-by-step and build a longer-term action plan and more...

Keys to Communication

Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling Course

Your Instructors

Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Holistic Coaches and Personal Transformation and Energy Pioneers, Jane and Phillip Mountrose have been helping thousands of people clear blocks that are in their way to live fully. Their trainings, publications and consultations are targeted, structured and easy-to-follow, to deliver the full effect of the profound tools and knowledge. 

The Mountroses are the Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute in California, a non-profit organization which has helped people with spiritual coaching for more than a decade.

What You Will Discover in the 4-Session Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling Training

You will learn an empowering approach to live more intentionally and masterfully -- and help others to do the same. You will directly tap into your emotional and spiritual intelligence, so you can grow at your optimal rate and help others do so as well.

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from the Mountroses' two decades of experience and research on how to understand the big picture of spiritual coaching and counseling and use it for practical, common situations that require clarity and resolution.

Session 1:
Overview: How to Reach Your Potential with
Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling

  • The Source of Wisdom and Healing
  • What is being a spiritual coach and counselor and what does it entail?
  • What people really want
  • Seeing things more objectively

Session 2 :
Maximizing Your Value as a
Spiritual Healer-Coach-Counselor

  • Your role and perspective
  • A clear picture of the spiritual journey
  • What you can and cannot do
  • Key components on being effective -- understanding and inspiring others
  • Having a system for getting people started

Session 3 :
Creating Powerful Connections with Those You Help

  • How to build rapport with those you help
  • 6 Common coaching/counseling traps -- what they are and how to avoid them
  • A powerful, effective coaching process to use in a wide variety of situations: "The Clarity and Commitment Coaching Process" (includes step-by-step handout and a demo with person experiencing a breakthrough using it)

Session 4 :
Your Effective Action Plan

  • Develop a plan that addresses the common 8 obstacles -- includes the
    Core Challenges Coaching Wheel (invaluable aid) 
  • Establishing agreements so those you help will succeed
  • Your role as teacher/guide/counselor
  • 10 easily overlooked factors that are critical to  your success


Targeted Handouts

Step-by-step, easy-to-follow handouts to use as a visual reference for deepening your understanding for the classes. Including Soul-Centering, the 10 Stages of Embracing Your Life Purpose, Sample Disclosure Form, Clarity & Commitment Coaching Process, Core Challenges Coaching Wheel and more...

"The Heart and Soul of Being Therapeutic" -- Ebook

This how-to guide will show you the precise elements to have a practical, therapeutic approach with those you help. It includes many proven strategies and tools you can put to immediate use.

Top Questions about Being a Spiritual Coach

We accessed our archives to Include two podcasts where we answered some of the top questions we received from subscribers about spiritual coaching,

What People are Saying about the Mountroses'
Healing, Coaching and Spiritual Counseling Training

Jeryl Anne Peterson Holistic Healer
Crescent City, FL

Training with the Mountroses has changed my life and what I thought was possible. It's pulled together my 29 years on the spiritual path. The techniques I've learned here are profound yet easy and actually easy to apply. "