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Success Made Easy with EFT

Do you want to know a quick and easy way to create success in any area of your life?

Then read on about what we discussed with Steve Wells, Peak Performance Specialist and co-creator of Simple Energy Techniques (SET), a very effective way to do EFT.  It’s a new user-friendly emotional healing approach.

Here are some highlights from our previous EFT Show on “Success is Easier than You Think”:

* You can tap on “direct work,” where you know you need to go deeper to clear what’s in your way.

* You can also tap on “indirect work” where there’s no specific focus.  This continual tapping is like exercising, a highly recommended way to stay in energetic shape. It becomes a daily routine.

Wells finds affirmations are unnecessary. If something comes up (a sensation, feeling or disturbing thought) with simply tapping, just focus on that block as you continue to tap on the EFT acupressure points.

Tap on any number of points in any order. Let your intuition guide you.

* The amount of time you tap is important. It’s recommended to tap regularly, throughout the day, mostly with this “indirect work.”

Wells recommends tapping up to an hour a day, fitting in your energy tune up wherever (while you exercise, stopping at a traffic light,  having a phone conversation, watching TV, etc. ).

There are  big benefits to regular tapping, helping virtually anything you need.  It’s a way of programming yourself for success, or tapping your way to success.  Steve Wells calls it “Connecting with Success.”