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The Ultimate Paradigm Shift: A Tale of Two Realities

We’ve been students and teachers of human potential, the nature of our reality, and the deeper meaning of life for a few decades now. We have explored the vast realms of spirit and the fulfillment that comes from bringing spirit fully into form. In the process, we discovered elements of what we now call the Ultimate Paradigm Shift.

Science is now proving universal truths that many of the the greatest minds in history have repeatedly shared through the ages. Unfortunately, few have really heard them. These truths are observable and many people are seeing that truth is stranger than the fiction humanity has created about the nature of reality.

Evidence is mounting that the way most people understand reality has everything turned around and upside down. Science, the wisdom that has come down to us through the ages, and experiential evidence all point to the same truth. While the consensus view is that what you see is what you get and that our opportunities are severely limited, the truth is quite different. We call this dilemma “A Tale of Two Realities.”

Reality as we know it is convincing. What we accept as fact is often fiction and what we assume to be fiction is often fact. You could say that what we accept as our reality is primarily composed of a set of agreed-on beliefs. Just because a lot of people believe them doesn’t make them true, but it does make them compelling.

What’s the Point of the Ultimate Paradigm Shift?

With a shift in awareness,  more is possible. If we have collectively created our current reality, we can change it, one person at a time. Mahatma Gandhi described the opportunity this way:

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

Anyone can experience a paradigm shift and rise to a new way of being. It’s really a function of emotional and spiritual intelligence. You can live fully and realize your full potential. We would say that this is your birthright.

A Tale of Two Realities

Here are some elements to consider in the Ultimate Paradigm Shift, which is the shift to living fully.

Paradigm Shift #1

Fiction: The physical world, what we see around us is solid and inflexible; “This is the way it is.” We have convinced ourselves that we have to accept limitation and settle for an unfulfilling life.

Fact: Quantum physics has shown that everything is energy. It’s flexible and fluid and it is influenced by our thoughts. The fact is that our thoughts create our results. As John Milton suggested: “The mind is in its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” We have the capacity to create our own hell. Fortunately, we also have untapped potential we can realize with a simple shift in perspective.

Our mass acceptance of a life with limited potential is based on this limited belief, that what we see now is all that is possible.

Paradigm Shift #2

Fiction: Each of us is separate and essentially alone.

Fact: There is no separation except in our minds. We are all connected. Each of us is also connected with the whole, which you may understand as Source, the Creator, Infinite Intelligence, or God.

The fear and anxiety that feelings of separation create prevent us from reaching for higher heights. Fortunately, our hearts, through the language of love, know the truth. If you think about it, love is essentially connectedness. It is the essence of the connectedness that unites us all.

Paradigm Shift #3

Fiction: Life is a series of random events and the outside forces that influence our success are beyond our control. From this perspective, life isn’t fair. We are victims of forces that are greater than ourselves.

Fact: Life is a series of meaningful events and we create our own success through our thoughts and actions. We are creators and we are here to live fully.

Paradigm Shift #4

Fiction: Success is an outward process of “doing what it takes.” The belief that there is “no gain without pain” follows.

Fact: Success is largely an internal process, which inspires us to take action to create the lives our hearts desire. Success coach Tony Robbins, one of the most respected experts on the subject today, estimates that at least 90% of success is in your thinking. The action you take is only as effective as your thinking.

Paradigm Shift #5

Fiction: Life is difficult and you have to accept your lot in life.

Fact: The essence of life is well-being, flowing and joyful. From this perspective, blessings abound. We are here to expand – to live fully and grow. Feels better, doesn’t it?

Paradigm Shift #6

Fiction: Our excuses for why we haven’t succeeded or why we feel unfulfilled are justified.

Fact: There are no valid excuses. Each of us has untapped greatness within us that is longing to emerge. To change our reality, we have to take responsibility for what we are creating, both individually and collectively.
Think about it this way. If life was just a series of random events and you’re not in any way responsible for what you have created so far, it would follow that there is no way that you could change anything.

This would be the same as saying that if children never took an interest in the opportunities they were given to learn how to walk, talk, or read, that they bear no responsibility. Fortunately, this is not what usually happens. Children are inspired to learn and grow. We just forget that the challenges to learn and grow continue throughout our lives.

Paradigm Shift #7

Fiction: You need to rely on external authorities in your life, like your parents, teachers, employer, the news media, and so on to guide you in creating the best possible life that is available for you, a life that is safe and secure.

Fact: Most people don’t understand our true potential as human beings. As such, they can’t possibly help you when it comes to creating the best possible life, because they don’t know how to do it themselves. While input from others is valuable, the truth about who we are and the life you were born to live emerge from an awakening heart, the center of your being, which many consider to be the seat of your soul.

The overwhelming majority of people, some estimate as many as 95%, settle for lives that are less than they are capable of. They see how their family and friends are struggling to make ends meet and believe that this is the way life is. They follow the press, which tells them how bad things are, and hope they can just get by. They again think that what they see is all that’s possible.

This isn’t true…

Settling for the norm, for a “safe life” is not the reason you are here. You came to break through perceived limits, to become free, to really live, to realize your full potential, and to make a positive contribution to the world.

Experiencing The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

Imagine waking up every morning feeling so excited about the new day that you can’t wait to get out of bed. Imagine being so fulfilled by the work you do that your heart feels like it is overflowing with joy. Imagine every cell of your body being energized by being alive.

As a form of validation, think about the people you most admire. What makes them so admirable? Did they ever settle for their “lot in life?” What about Oprah Winfrey? Was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth? Did she have an ideal upbringing? Or did she take control of her life and move in the direction of her heartfelt dreams? What about Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul empire of books and more? His success followed scores of rejections.

Do you think these people knew where they wanted to go? Do you think they were the types of people who would give up as soon as the first obstacle blocked their path? Do you think they continue to expand and grow even to this day?

The point is that you’re here to live fully, too. What might be possible for you?

We’ve seen that people feel most alive when they are expanding their possibilities and reaching for greater life. As human beings, we long to make a bigger difference, to become greater human beings, to be, do, have and give in ever greater ways. This is the natural flow of life.

Curious to Learn More About the Ultimate Paradigm Shift?

Awakenings Institute is here to support individuals who seek to make the Ultimate Paradigm Shift. If you don’t have the life, the success, and the fulfillment your heart desires now, you can take control and create something different. This is what we teach our readers, students, and clients to do!

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The Ultimate Paradigm Shift


“Wisdom is found only in truth.”

— Johann von Goethe