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Why Everyone Should Take Intuition Training with EFT, Part 2

The Critically Important Missing Piece to the Intuition Puzzle

Learning new skills and putting them into action is much like solving a puzzle. Many pieces need to fall into place for the skills to work at their best.

Your intuition is like a flower that can blossom in surprisingly
wonderful ways, if you give it the opportunity.

Maybe this is your opportunity.

Making the Best Use of Your Intuition

If you’re like us, you probably want to get the best results when you use your intuitive skills in the real world. You may want to know how you can apply the use of your intuition to your life, to holistic healing, and possibly to a holistic practice helping others to make positive changes in their lives.

This is our purpose here. We want to make it easy for you to avoid all of the trial and error we had to endure, and benefit from the tremendous blessings your intuition can provide.

When we reached the point many years ago where developing our intuition became so important, we took action. We studied just about everything we could find. We still found ourselves left with more questions than answers. We still weren’t getting the big picture, the part of the puzzle we knew would put everything into perspective.

Like many things, the solution is actually quite simple. Nonetheless, it took us years of wading through the weeds to uncover the real keys to developing our intuition. We don’t want others to have to struggle the way we did, so we wrote a new book entitled Transformational Intuition, and put all of the pieces together in our EFT Intuitive Healer Training Course.

How We Developed our Transformational Approach to Intuition

While we were pursuing intuitive development, we were also leaning about holistic healing. We studied spiritual healing, hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), manifestation skills, intuitive development, and more. As the pieces fell in place, helping others to avoid the trial and error we had to endure to find the fastest and easiest route to success became a mission for us.

As we developed our own holistic practice and started teaching, we continued to study and explore. We were determined to find even faster and easier ways to heal and accelerate personal growth, both for ourselves and the people we served as clients and students.

We now have a firm grasp of the big picture and we know why intuition plays such an essential role in human development. This is an abstract idea for many people, but it is a real thing, and it is playing out right now in each of our lives. It also seems to be particularly relevant in this transformational time in human history.

As our success in a wide range of areas increased, the big picture came into clear focus. With decades of experience in the field, we realized that there are three core areas of human development we now call the Transformational Triad.

The transformational Triad

The Transformational Triad includes these three areas of development:

  1. 1
    Self Development: One of our most profound questions is this: “Who am I?” We’re born with an innate desire to expand and grow. We want to know who we are, but we don’t know how to find the answer.
  2. 2
    Purpose Development: We also want to know “Why am I here?” Underlying the complexities of our lives, we want to do something meaningful. In this regard, settling for the status quo becomes impossible. We are here for a reason, and we struggle to find out what it is.
  3. 3
    Dream Development: The third big question is “Where am I going?” The answer lies in understanding that we are dreamers. We want to do something that warms our hearts, to thrive and make our lives a beautiful and significant work of art. Unfortunately, with the challenges of daily life, many people lose sight of their dreams. This is devastating. We need to have a chance to blossom.

The key for answering all of these “big questions” is with us all the time. When the big picture came into focus, we also realized that all three of these core areas simply require us to access our intuition. This highlights the important role our intuition plays for anyone who is interested in living fully, expanding, growing, and creating a deeply fulfilling life. Without our intuition, our potential as human beings is severely limited. And who wants to settle for the status quo? Not us, and we are guessing, not you.

What the Big Picture Means to Us

When the whole picture finally came together for us, we were relieved and very excited about the possibilities. We understood that life is more than a series of random events. Everything is connected and everything has meaning.

This awareness formed the heart of our holistic approach. We also saw potential in integrating intuition and healing, because they make a powerful team for creating the best life imaginable.

Now you know why it’s so important and how transformational your intuition can be. The next question is how to do it.