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Coaching “Let Go of Limits” EFT Telecourse — May 2013

What’s one of the most important combinations for personal growth?

Are you ready to make a bigger contribution, doing something that is meaningful that you enjoyhands supportgroup-100x100?

The Live Coaching 4-part  “Let Go of Limits” telecourse taps into the Heart of Success with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
It’s a powerful and effective step-by-step Self-Coaching and Healing Course with holistic coach energy-healing expert Phillip Mountrose.

You may have heard about EFT, the “modern day miracle.” Because of its proven results, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been used by millions of people around the globe.

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]Even though EFT can work extraordinarily well, it works best if you combine it with effective coaching strategies to transform your life. [/hilight]

In other words, you want to remove blocks and move forward with your goals and dreams. By combining EFT with coaching, you supercharge your results.We are sharing some of our best information after 2 decades of research and our training programs in a 4-Part Telecourse.

We are updating the course as well as we teach it live. Details below…

EFT Let Go of Limits Coaching Telecourse — Dates and Time

calendarMay 8, 15, 22, 29 (there is still time to enroll, at a special rate below, as all calls are recorded if you miss any)

clock6pm pst/ 9pm est for 70 minutes

How we developed this unique, effective course…

We (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) are considered pioneers in the field of energy-healing and
spiritual growth.
We didn’t do this overnight, however. It took us many years of going from a school teacher
and an architect to being leaders in our field. What started off as a keen interest in coaching, healing and
personal growth has turned into our mission of helping others fulfill their potential.

We have distilled a lot of essential information from our 20 years of experience teaching,
consulting and writing.
Our own challenges and the many people we have helped has taught us what works
and what doesn’t. This has led us to develop a comprehensive “heart and soul” system integrating energy healing,
spiritual growth and holistic coaching.






“I wondered if I’d have the time to go through this course, although it’s not very large. And also, can
I really be good at coaching and healing since I am rather shy and reserved? Yet I knew that I have gifts
in these areas.

Taking this “Let Go of Limits” course definitely improved my time management, and
helped me go forward with coaching and healing. It really brought the ideas down to earth
with the Mountroses practical approach.”
— Barbara Green, Staff Development Coordinator, Nanuet, New York

Gain the confidence and clarity you need to succeed at greater levels…

Drawn from our signature Heart and Soul of Success system, this program will give you a systematic
4-part approach to self-coaching,
Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

[list style=”Check2red”]
  • The ins and outs of how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for consistent results
  • Use EFT with coaching and self-coaching
  • How to integrate the Four Freedoms into your life: life purpose, time, geography and abundance.
  • Connecting your life purpose to your goals, which makes everything easier and provides the motivation
    to accomplish what you want.
  • An easy and profound Life Purpose Formula, an essential to the heart and soul of success.
  • A powerful affirmation mantra that can help you quickly resolve issues and boost your energy in virtually any situation
  • How to reframe your “fear monsters” to move forward with grace and ease
  • How to craft your own heart of success action plan, aligned with your life purpose and goals
  • Why it’s essential to integrate a spiritual framework with coaching and healing to have the deepest, lasting success — and practical ways to integrate coaching and healing into your life… and more

I really liked the step-by-step approach to this program. It was very easy to learn.
It covered a lot of information and processes quite thoroughly. The “Let Go of Your Limits”
Self-Coaching Program also had an excellent built-in review of the very valuable material.
The Mountroses have a great team approach, where they keep adding depth to what they share.
Thank you for putting this program together.”

–Marsha Munsell, Educator, Fairbanks, Alaska

EFT Let Go of Limits Coaching Telecourse — Dates and Time

calendarMay 8, 15, 22, 29 (all calls are recorded if you miss any)

clock6pm pst/ 9pm est for 70 minutes

For this no-fluff, targeted 4-part EFT Coaching Telecourse




[list style=”arrowblue2″]
  • Four transformational 65-minute audio tutorials, rich with knowledge, demonstrations and interaction.
    Build confidence and clarity as you follow this step-by-step system of getting clear on what you want, how to
    overcome obstacles and create your action plan for success. What you learn here can be applied to any area in your
    life: career, health, relationships, finances and more. All calls recorded.
  • A lifelong reference for the heart and soul of success — in written, audio and video formats, (multi-media is
    the best way to learn)($97 value)
  • Four Heart of Success with EFT videos demonstrating the processes — for immediate download ($67 value)
  • The Mountroses groundbreaking ebook Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More — for immediate download. Learn a profound, easy-to-follow 7-part roadmap for success and manifestation ($27 value)

The above is 0ver a $200 value — you can receive it today for only $97

100% Money-Back Guarantee. Because we’re so confident about this telecourse, we’ll make
this Confidence Guarantee. Get the Self-Coaching Program. If you’re dissatisfied with it, we
will give you a 100% refund for the next 60 days. No hassles. No problems.


YES, I’d like to have more confidence and clarity and let go of limits!

Complete EFT “Let Go of Limits” Self-Coaching and Telecourse

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EFT Let Go 2 Telecourse









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To the heart of your success,

P.S. There is a tale of two realities. Both people had a dream and wanted to do and contribute more. One person sided
with her doubts, delayed and did nothing. The other person summoned some courage, took action and went for it… and
was so happy she did.

PPS. Don’t lose valuable time. Get the targeted tools and knowledge you need to advance.

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