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How Much Bliss Do You Have?

How blissful are you? And for that matter, what is “bliss”?

Like happiness, bliss can be a feeling (“I’m feeling blissful”) as well as a state of awareness (“I am in bliss”).

Joseph Campbell, renown scholar and author, famously gave the advice to “follow your bliss.”  He connected this intention to the hero’s journey and following your deeper passion.

To put things in perspective, a blissful journey sometimes is fun and spontaneous. It can also involve challenges, with no easy fixes or instant gratification.

In this context, following your bliss means engaging your body-mind-spirit with goals larger-than-self.

The Alchemy of Bliss

Let’s examine further the different, jewel-like facets of bliss. Bliss is a transcendent flow – it allows you to let life flow though you. It’s a heartfelt mixture of happiness, joy, wonder and more.

Bliss also has a strong unconditional element to it. It’s not conditional, like “I’m only happy when I’m ____ [with my friends, partner, family].

Yes bliss recognizes preferences — but does not get attached to them: “I’d prefer being with him, but I’m good being by myself now.”

Bliss is the master converter and alchemist, truly making lemonades out of lemons. It also savors the sweet moments, the triumphant moments, and the quiet moments.

Bliss Starter Kit

To evoke bliss, consider the following: things that elevate you, inspire you, and what you appreciate.

To help, you can fill in the blanks:

“I’m grateful for _______ because _______________.”

“This ______________ [music/art/dance/writing] inspires me.”

“I am creating or wish to create _____________.”

“I love this nature area: _________________”

When answering the above statements, you might notice a smile on your face or a gentle tingling in your body.

Enlightened Master Djwal Kuhl on Bliss

Djwal Kuhl is an ascended master. He’s considered a Tibetan disciple in the tradition of esoteric spirituality, known as the Ageless Wisdom tradition.

He dictated to Alice Bailey in her books a century ago mystical principles and wisdom.  Like other masters, he was reputed to live life on earth in previous times and gained a level of self-mastery. He now teaches and communicates from higher planes.

Phillip communed with him on this topic of bliss, and here is what he imparted:

“Bliss is a state of happiness, joy, wonder, and mystery — all packaged together in the moment. It is feeling that you are in the right place at the right time, without questions. It’s embracing the mystery of life. It feels that everything is as it should be, however strange, wonderful, or even upsetting.

Bliss can take you to the greatest heights and to the quietest depths. It is a feeling like floating in warm water, where everything is supported, fluid, in balance and flow.

Bliss is not meant to be a permanent state since there are too many disruptions in earthly life. And the left brain at times needs to focus on practical matters in daily life.

Yet you can have a bliss vibration occurring in the background, something like an app running. This will help ease your concerns during times of stress and intense focus. Knowing that there still is bliss available lightens your load.

And then, at other times, you are free, truly free to be blissful without cares and concerns — wandering into the mysteries of the universe.

It is a wonderful thing to be blissful. To have that intense, yet very light, joy and happiness vibrating in your being. It’s knowing that nothing can go wrong, however challenging it may be. It’s finding the right in the wrong, the light in the heavy and the light in the darkness.”

Final Thoughts on Bliss and the App

What’s the most powerful app? Your mind.  Your mind uses your physical brain to communicate with your soul and spirit, to be alive and here now.

So to use your mind as an app, why not try installing the “blss app,” as Djwal Kuhl suggests. We think you’ll enjoy the experience, as we do.

This app can make it much easier to follow your bliss, whatever the circumstances. That includes managing life’s ups and downs, highs and lows with a blissful background alive and humming.

So now we know that bliss helps you follow your deeper passions, appreciate what is and more.

So take a breath in through your nose… slowly let it out… and, like a gentle bubbling stream, allow that bliss to flow