Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

What Holistic Practitioners Are Missing

We live in a mental, scientific-dominant world. This costs-and-benefits world, where things must be physically measurable, has helped us make progress – but there are problems and limitations.

Yes holistic-minded people and practitioners are aware of this needed balance.  Yet too often the heart is undervalued. It just remains at the knowledge level, not really integrated into their lives and being.

So how do you put more heart into your life?  Here are six ways that can elevate your life starting today.

1. Intend to be more heart centered.

Turn your intention to be more heart-centered into action: breathe into your heart, slowly exhale… that’s good.

Feel more connected to yourself, your body, your environment… Hear the sounds of nature…

Listen to the quiet voice from your inner world, including your soul, your guides and higher awareness…Think of those in your life that you love… Feel the love…

And where you disagree with others, you can quiet your mind with your heart and let it be, guided to take action where you are shown.

2. Go beyond CNN Reality

CNN broadcasts the mainstream view, in line with the more rational-scientific view of reality. It tries to be “objective,” just reporting the facts and evidence.

To be sure, there is helpful information presented. But there are also biases, blind spots and assumptions that come with this mainstream approach. If you take an unquestioning approach to the “news,” you can become a passive receiver of what others focus on, what the mainstream considers to be true and important.

You also get a continual stream of what’s wrong, what’s not working, with few solutions or positive pro-active messages. Just letting information stream into your mind unfiltered is a kind of programming that disempowers you.

It’s good to broaden your perspective. Access grounded, holistic resources from blogs, podcasts, videos and books featuring more awakened people. Use such enlightened sources for transformation, not just information.

Also, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, There are also wonderful, brilliant contributors to CNN and the like, but just be mindful not to either completely accept or reject their approach. Again, use heart-centered discernment.

3. Get inspired and be in the flow.

We are not talking here about “going with the flow” — conforming and doing whatever is easily available and popular. Instead, we are talking about creating your own flow, being in your own zone. Inspiration and the right challenge can lead to such a flow state.

This fluid effortless, but highly engaged, state is associated with sports, arts and creative thinking (those “aha!” moments and breakthroughs). Flow also shows up in communication, such as speaking, teaching and writing.

When you are challenged just enough — but not too much — you can suddenly go out of time.  You are transcendent, vividly aware as time stands still. You are free, unencumbered by what others’ think. The activity becomes its own reward.

Your heart engages you, your spirit soars, as you live in a loving, timeless flow.  You can receive inspiration from others, nature, or art. You can get lost in deep thought, conversation or free-flowing teaching. The flow is so natural and efficient, it seems like an easy thing to do. Yet the transcendent zone can be elusive, often coming suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere.

An open heart will help connect to your own flow channel. You can put yourself in favorable circumstances to encourage flow. Being in the moment, doing what you enjoy, and having heartfelt enthusiasm can make the difference.

Note: You could be in the flow without much ethics involved — just experiencing flow with what you are doing, regardless of how moral or immoral your behavior.  But if you let your heart guide you — with its openness, caring, love and enthusiasm — it can bring out the best in you, not just in performing freely, but in being your best, at one with what you are doing in a loving, extraordinary way.

4. Opening your heart > opens your mind.

Researchers have referred to the heart as the second brain. Going further, the heart can be a gateway to higher consciousness. When coming from the heart, in your heart of hearts, you delve deeper into your feelings and thoughts. You elicit liberating emotions like hope, compassion and appreciation.

Your open heart will also filter your beliefs. For example, if you believe “I can’t have my dream, [such as career or relationship]”, your heart can open up the bigger picture, with wider perspectives. It brings in possibility thinking.

(“How could I look at this differently? What successes have I experienced? Maybe there’s a different dream or reality to pursue?”)

Your heart will save you from beating yourself up or judging others. It will help you be kinder to yourself and others. For example, “Even though my dream hasn’t happened yet, I’m still learning and growing.”

5. Be on purpose.

Joseph Campbell famously advised people to follow your dream, your passions. It can start with little or big steps. You can research a new career or actually make the big move of starting it.

Remember, a purposeful journey for your life takes intention, effort and self-awareness. Following your purpose can also be blissful, spontaneous and in the flow.

Let your heart be your inner compass. Do more of what you enjoy, less of what you don’t. Then you are following your calling, however meandering your path may be. You will find that each day provides opportunities and things to prioritize.

By following the beat of your own drum, you are in accord with your soul plan. Your soul’s plan is a general blueprint, laid out for you by your soul before birth.  It involves clearing karma, connecting with certain people, and following heart-centered pursuits.

6. Connect with your soul regularly.

You naturally connect with your soul in times of crisis and beauty (such as in nature or with art). Yet we suggest not waiting to open your heart, the gateway to the soul, at just those often-rare times.

Certain practices like particular meditations or martial arts evoke the soul. These practices connect you with the soul’s gentle, clear and quietly passionate presence.

We recommend soul centering, an easy way to reliably connect with your soul’s energy. When your soul is active in your life, your heart and mind remain open. Wisdom, synchronicity and profound connections then flow through your life.

Final Thoughts on Being Heart-Centered

The above six approaches – intention, taking in enlightening knowledge, creating flow, purpose and soul centering — will create wonderful depth and meaning into your life.

Activate more of your heart and its awareness today.

Be aware now that your heart is beating, a signal that you are alive.  Let your heart spark passions as well as quiet your mind. Appreciate that your heart faithfully guides you into a richer, more abundant life.