Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

Opening to the Mysteries and our Mystery School

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2) This article below gives you what’s really important to know about embracing the mysteries of life and leading your best life.

It also gives you a good background for why we developed a Mystery School over the past three decades. It’s called the Spiritual/Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program.)

Stages of Opening to the Truth

In the early stages of our soul’s journey home, we are very much like children. We need to learn the basic rules of the road, like how to get around in the world, love one another, and honor our creator.

It’s a time of preparation. We may still view ourselves almost exclusively as physical beings who are subject to the influence of the herd (i.e, our group and the status quo).

During these stages, we still rely on perceived authorities outside ourselves to guide us. We have yet to open to self-reflection and the truth within. We view ourselves as limited beings who need to rely on external sources to succeed in life. Spiritually, we consider ourselves  victims of forces that are greater than ourselves.

This holds us in limitation until we consider the possibility that there may be another way. As we start to mature spiritually, the hold of these controlling forces loosens.

We start to think for ourselves, which leads us to a major shift in our development. We prepare to emerge as our true divine selves. It’s a profound shift in realities.

Now we are ready to awaken to our true identities as creators of magic and miracles rather than victims who have to rely on outside authorities to get by in life.

The Question that Changes Everything

The shift from our perspectives from victims to creators opens the door to life’s deepest mysteries. This is when we start to awaken from the illusion and ask an important question.

What if we could become our own sources of truth and wisdom?

It dawns on us: we can and we must receive our own direct transmission of truth and guidance. It’s an exciting time. This question changes everything and takes us on a deeper search.

Now we are ready to move onto our own path, away from the consensus reality. We open to the truth that lies somewhere within us.

This powerful awareness opens the door to mysteries and opportunities that would have been unimaginable in earlier stages of our development.

Accessing the Mystery Schools

And this is where the mystery schools come in. These teachings can include access to all of the following:

· Instructors who are experienced in guiding students to uncover the mysteries for themselves

·  Archangels and enlightened masters who have been where we are. The masters, who reach to us through the ages, know how to get where we want to go – into the full truth of who we are and why we are here

· Members of our spiritual family here on earth who can support us in this journey of self-discovery

· Our soul’s living library (the akashic records), which we are now prepared to access to understand anything and everything about our soul’s journey and true identities as a masters in the making

· Oracles that will synchronously support us along the way

We (Phillip and Jane) have been unlocking the mysteries for decades now and recently have taken our teachings further into the resources and opportunities that are available to us all.

The Rise in Consciousness

From the 1990’s, when our understanding of the nature and stages of the journey came into focus, our mission has been to teaching ways to accelerate spiritual growth with a toolbox of highly effective tools. In recent years, we have been adding even more to this toolbox in response to the rising consciousness on the planet.

This elevation of consciousness that is now occurring on the planet is raising questions many have never asked before. These questions provide keys to our divine nature and unique essence.

Discerning answers and solutions requires more powerful tools and, as mentioned previously, access to our full range of resources. We are collectively opening to richer layers of our divine potential, and this is what we will explore next.

If this resonates with you, find out more about our Mystery School here:  Spiritual/Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program.)