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Life Purpose: The Ultimate Focusing Tool

Let’s see how your life purpose can be your ultimate focusing tool. First consider how do you deal with life’s ever-increasing pace of change?

The growing problem is that we are inundated with information, choices and constant “breaking news.” As a result, we become driven by distraction.

It’s like carrying too many objects and moving too quickly.  We are trying to stay afloat and get through the day – not a fun way to make a living, much less a life.

By just trying to get through the day, we get bogged down in one thing after another. Where did we start and where are we going? Awash in hurry and worry, we feel like we are treading water. We are trying to keep up, but for what purpose?

The Solution

How do you offset society’s ever-quickening pace? Discover and live your life purpose. It’s really the ultimate focusing tool.

It guides you on where to go, your destiny. You then feel energized and alive. You know that you are here for a reason, which you are playing out and advancing each day.

With a sense of purpose, life’s everyday stressors are put into a bigger context. They become part of building you and your character, so you can express your purpose.

Here are four key points to consider for using your life purpose as the ultimate focusing tool:

1. Focus instead of distraction

How many things can you focus on at one time? Trying to be a jack of all trades makes you a master of none. People in their twenties look at their mobile devices more than 120 times per day. Such habits become addictive.

Life purpose helps you establish what is important. Whether it’s music, a cause, a group or organization, or something else, you become single-minded in its pursuit. Yes, your purpose evolves as you do.

You then can focus on what’s important. You minimize distractions for the uplifting spiritual drive of your purpose.  You can achieve goals, endure setbacks and keep moving with the light of your purpose guiding you.

2. Balance instead of overload

Sometimes we get overloaded ─ too much on our minds, too much to do ─ and that is a warning sign. Stress, rushing and overwhelm have taken a hold. Then it’s time to breathe and slow down.  Your life purpose helps you prioritize and make order out of chaos.

If you know your purpose is a healer or coach, for example, you set your time and schedule around that pursuit. You know that other things are important too, such as health and relationships.  They play out in the larger unfolding of your life purpose.

Life is not so fragmented as you get in the flow of purpose. If you are helping to raise awareness for a social or environmental cause, for instance, you need to take care of your health, so you can put in your best effort.

You want to be rested and eat well, not just because you should or you know it feels good, but because it’s part of being the best you so you can fulfill your purpose.

You live with intention, which includes saying “yes” to what is important and “no” to things that are not essential now. It also includes downtime and playtime.

4. Persistence instead of giving up

How do you know if you are on track – or even where the tracks are?

Your purpose keeps you on track and is an adventure and reward in itself. It’s the journey of a 1000 miles, one step at a time. Sometimes you pause and reflect. Sometimes you take a break and deviate.[pullquote align=”normal”]Your purpose guides you for a lifetime of meaning, achievement and adventure. Your life radiates with love, excitement and creativity. [/pullquote]

Your purpose guides you for a lifetime of meaning, achievement and adventure. Your life radiates with love, excitement and creativity.

Yes, you will need to adjust and find new approaches as you go forward into uncharted territory. Say if your art isn’t inspiring people enough, you need to find ways to spark people more.

If your business or relationship is sputtering, it’s time to assess what you are doing and how you are expressing yourself. You may need feedback, evaluation, research, course correction or to try something new.

Giving up, however, is no longer a viable option. It’s non-negotiable since it means giving up on yourself and your dreams. You are too valuable to live less large, reduced to a settled-for life.

4. Depth instead of novelty

Our culture promotes what is called a “novelty bias.” Having to check out the next thing, that bright shiny object, can be fun at times and gives us neuro-chemical energy bolts. Yet continually going from one new thing to the next can ultimately be depleting your energy.

Having your attention bounce around like a pinball machine takes a toll. It restricts mental development, represses more heartfelt awareness and can be dissatisfying.

On the other hand, with purpose you keep going, diving deeper, exploring further. If something comes into view while you are on your path, synchronicity is at play. A chance phone call, clicking a link online, or a new contact can be the next step on your purposeful journey.

Final Thoughts

With purpose, we still have challenges and stressors, yet it puts things in a deeper context. We have a reason to overcome. We are more selective and intentional.

Purpose allows us to focus and to consider and reflect. Otherwise we might be overwhelmed by the sheer continual streaming of information. We will sacrifice quantity for quality.

By taking a step back, knowing our priorities, we can contemplate and come back anew. Then we no longer need to skim life’s surface to just get by and amass things. Instead we live with more depth, bolstered by critical and creative thinking.

Whether you are writing, performing, building furniture or serving as a role model, life’s challenges can help you dig deeper.

You stretch and grow so you can further yourself. You can help yourself more and, in turn, be more empathetic to others. Then you are not simply chasing bells and whistles, and then getting easily bored. You can embrace solitude and quiet time. You can be mindful and reflective.[pullquote align=”normal”]You can hear the quiet beneath the noise, breathing life into you. Your imagination opens, leading you to a more creative, insightful life. [/pullquote]

You can hear the quiet beneath the noise, breathing life into you. Your imagination opens, leading you to a more creative, insightful life.

Life is no longer a series of interruptions and distractions. You have a greater purpose.

Your life has meaning, as you can use your gifts and skills to help others. Life purpose, the ultimate focusing tool, will provide you just what you need, when you need it, to live the life of your dreams.