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Your Life Purpose, Your Life: The Life Purpose Paradox

What is the purpose of your life? Your life purpose is all-important, yet seemingly elusive and abstract. It seems at once urgent yet obscure. It’s difficult to express, at least initially.

Yet with all its mystery, your purpose it’s what you are here to do and accomplish. It’s what makes your life more meaningful and significant.

Your life purpose gives your life a broad, overarching theme. It may focus on your love of music or humor. It may be raising awareness on social or environmental issues. It may be improving online or offline communication It may be building things, or performing with a greater purpose. it may be serving as a role model for others.

Close range it may seem hard to figure. Yet a wider lens can be revealing.

Your life purpose could be seen as a paradox. A paradox is defined: as “a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.”

To explore this lofty yet practical topic, here are some things to consider:


Your life purpose is not your gifts and talents, but amply uses them.
It’s not something you make up; it’s discovered and developed.

Life purpose is not fixed or just one thing; it’s fluid, changing and evolving as you are.
It’s not essential for life, but it’s essential for those who heed it’s call to live fully.

It’s optional but makes all the difference.

Life purpose is not obvious, but may be hidden in plain sight.

It not only ignites your love and passion, it also requires tenacious will and follow though.

It’s not just about you, it’s about you helping others and, along the way, helping yourself.

It’s knowing you are in the right place without being certain of the outcome.

YET Your Life Purpose …

Yet life purpose helps you be certain of your life’s value, while continually dealing with uncertainty.

Life purpose is like love, at once concrete and mysterious, clear and mystical, now and enduring.

Life purpose comes from your soul, speaking to you. In turn, you listen, reflect and take inspired action.

Life Purpose comes in a flash of insight and a lifetime of exploration, discovery and accomplishment.

Life purpose focuses on service to your truer self as a way to serve others.

Your life purpose makes your life into a journey, rather than a wandering random series of movements. It makes your story coherent and poignant. Your life becomes a work of art. In the process, you experience much fun and beauty.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Here’s to you and your life purpose. [/pullquote]

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