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The Healing Power of the Soul

Power of the Soul

The soul is your most important resource for healing, spiritual growth, and accessing your full potential. You could even say it's the next frontier in human development.

Unfortunately, few people understand how to access it and integrate its power into their daily lives. This is ironic, considering the fact that accessing the power of the soul is just about the most important thing anyone can do.

What is the Healing Power of the Soul?

The phrase “power of the soul” refers an innate source of wisdom, guidance and healing that’s built into each and every one of us. It lovingly speaks to us of our value as uniquely wonderful human beings, of the spiritual gifts we are here to share, and much more. Oprah Winfrey said it this way:



I believe every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

What Prevents People from Accessing the Power of the Soul?

Opening to the healing power of the soul is relatively easy to do, and there are numerous benefits. Unfortunately, people more commonly get lost in ways of being that keep them stuck.

Many people are chronically stressed. They feel confused, anxious about the future, and doubtful about themselves. They may also be plagued by challenges they can’t resolve. With this prolonged stress, it’s not surprising that things aren’t going well.

What exactly is chronic stress? It is a habitual mental, emotional, and physical response to overwhelm and discomfort with what's happening in our lives. Mental anguish, anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, confusion, disorganization, hurry, worry, and basically anything that blocks us from feeling peaceful and joyful can create a pattern of stress.

To deal with stress effectively, we need to understand its impact on our lives. Lynne Everatt, a Canadian author, personal trainer and wellness expert, described the negative effects of chronic stress this way:

"Stress and anxiety trigger neurocircuitry that was designed to be used sparingly to deal with life-or-death threats, not on a daily basis as a response to gnarled traffic, a toxic boss or work overload.

“Chronic stress has a corrosive effect on the brain that has been linked to degeneration of the hippocampus (the brain's memory center) and impaired functioning of the prefrontal cortex that can manifest in our lives as depression, dementia and impaired executive function."

Here’s something all of us need to understand. When the body and mind can no longer adapt to challenging circumstances, own inner reserves become exhausted. The consequences of distress subject us to disease and even death. And none of this want this.

Just because something seems normal doesn’t mean it’s healthy or wise.

This evidence clearly confirms that we are not made to live this way, but chronic stress is so common that many people believe it’s normal. This simply isn’t true. We weren’t made to live with prolonged stress, but we can learn from it. As John Milton noted:


The mind is in its own place, and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven.”

How Can You Access the Power of the Soul?

Every part of us has meaning, and the answer lies in plain sight. The power of the soul resides at the center of our being, in the heart and soul. 

When you open your heart, you can recognize yourself as a wonderful spiritual being with uniquely special gifts to share. This awareness provides a completely different view of reality.

Here, in your heart and soul, you can experience a joyful, soulful way of being in the world where much more is possible. And this brings us to a critical point. Only you can choose what kind of person you want to be. And if you want to live fully, it’s essential to stay focused on where your greatest potential lies. 

Love is a powerful choice. With a shift in awareness into the loving presence of the heart and soul, the world can become a much friendlier place. From this soulful perspective, we can recognize that love is the solution we have been seeking all along.

The soul's powerful healing, guidance and wisdom is always here for you, but it doesn’t often just come to you. You have to reach for it.

Accessing the power of your heart and soul is a skill. You have to dare to step into your true power. Soulfulness takes practice, but it’s worth it. The loving power of the heart and soul can transform your life, as it has for countless others.

“Soulfulness affects everything I do as a mother and at work in end-of-life care. The more I practice soulfulness, the more benefits I receive. Especially in challenging times, I elevate my perspective in situations that could otherwise be very difficult. In other words, there would be a lot of suffering without soulfulness. Soulfulness can show the blessings in life. In sum, it brings peace and joy to every aspect of life.”

What do the Heart and Soul Tell You About Yourself?

The heart has a lot to say. It understands that each of us is uniquely special and deserving of everything good. The heart can teach us to simply love ourselves without judgment or conditions. As spiritual teacher Adyashanti noted:


The enlightened view shows us that each thing and each being is of infinite value.”

And here is another benefit. A heart that has opened to the loving power of the soul can teach us simple truths. It understands who we are and why we are here. It also understands the purpose of everything that happens in our lives.

Fortunately, each of us is in the perfect place to open our hearts more fully and benefit from its loving guidance. What an amazing resource! As we learn to follow the callings of our hearts, we open ourselves to greater life – to more joy, more love, and more freedom. What could be better?

What is the Path to the Power of the Soul?

The healing power of the soul comes into focus as we open to the loving expansiveness of the heart. As scientific research has found, the heart is a second brain. Relative to spiritual growth, it is a bridge to your soul and your source of inner wisdom.

Your heart connects to everyone and everything if you allow it, and if you “follow your heart.” It opens each and every one of us to a whole new reality where love can prevail.

You can begin now by slowing down and taking a few deep, nurturing, loving breaths. Doesn’t this feel better? If so, you may want to treat yourself to a few more of those loving breaths and imagine what might be possible.

Opening to the loving power of the heart and soul is a completely different way of being in the world where every day can take on special meaning. And wherever you are on your journey, more is possible for you starting today.

Here’s a closing thought from our new book, The Loving Power of the Soul:

"Always remember, you are a special spiritual being and your soul’s loving presence is the essence of your humanity."