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Healthy Living Tips: Exercising Mind, Body, Spirit

Everyone knows it’s good to exercise. It lowers the risk of disease, boosts your energy, improves your memory and sleep and much more… To make things easier, it’s good to get practical healthy living tips.

But most don’t realize you also want to exercise your other bodies: your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. So here is a menu to help you get healthier on all levels.

Here’s how to exercise … on all levels.

Healthy Living Tip: Exercising Your Physical Body

There are countless exercises and programs to choose from. Go to YouTube and you can watch videos from experts in just about any program, even ones you would never know about (such as Cycle Karoake or Prancercise).

Two approaches that have been proven to reap tremendous benefits, as you may know, are strength training and high intensity interval exercise (HIIT). (As a note, there are other effective approaches too like yoga)

In the first, you simply lift weights (with your body, free weights or a machine). The second approach, HIIT, is a few rounds of short burst of intense movement, alternating 30 seconds on and about a minute off to rest.

There is plenty of research and info online about these highly effective approaches.  One other boost to your system is to move periodically. In other words, don’t sit for too long. Take a stroll or do a few stretches every hour.

Coincidentally, studies show you can only focus on a subject or task for about an hour or so before your attention fades. Mini breaks every twenty minutes can help.

Preserving your physical body, as it relates to your other bodies, helps you live healthier longer, as we wrote about in our Kindle Book.

Healthy Living Tip: Exercising Your Emotional Body

One of the best ways to become more emotionally intelligent is simply to note different feelings you experience. Put a name to it… is it excitement, joy, anticipation, or something else? As you expand your emotional vocabulary, your awareness increases. Your ability to direct your life grows.

We recommend EFT for clearing any emotional disturbances too.

Healthy Living Tip: Exercising Your Mental Body

Seeking knowledge, activating your curiosity, deepening your understanding … all of this uplifts and awakens you. It keeps you present too and being drawn positively into the future. It’s as if we are detectives in an unending cosmic mystery, where once we solve one case, another one naturally comes to our attention.

Also engage in psychological or second order thinking. This means not to go with your first thought or reaction. Probe and brainstorm other possibilities. See things from different angles. Widen out and zoom in.

Healthy Living Tip: Exercising Your Spiritual Body

Your spiritual body focuses on concerns that transcend your earthly, material existence. In order to access your spiritual side, you can meditate and be mindful. Pay attention to what’s outside and inside of you.

You can focus on being you, which includes loving and accepting yourself… knowing that more is to come. We recommend soul centering too.

Final Thoughts

If these healthy living tips sound like a lot of effort, consider it in small steps. Create some healthy routines. It will pay big dividends.

All your bodies need you and you certainly need them.


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