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The One-Step Miracle

What’s a miracle hidden in plain sight? It’s so close you might miss it, just a step away. The miracle is that no matter where you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you might want to go, you can take the next step.

Just as there is a next moment in time, so is there is a next step in space. And as time and space come together in your awareness, you get in sync, in flow.

Your next step can launch the journey of a thousand miles, which metaphorically and literally can be the journey of your life.

Our Move

When we were about fifty years old, we wanted to move to a new location. We decided to move to a small city on the Central California Coast. It was much more scenic than where we lived at the time and it felt like the right place for us, although we had no roots there.

This was a big step of course. And it took many little steps to eventually move, including selling our house and moving our home and business. And it took a lot of patience and trust for it to all come together.

But each step counted and took us eventually to the desired outcome.

Your Move

Here are four reasons why realizing that you can take the next step is so valuable and versatile, creating miraculous outcomes.

1. Your next step is practical and doable.

No matter how daunting the challenge, how confusing the situation, you can still move forward, if only by (or with) a baby step.

Yes, you may not have a grand plan and step-by-step instructions, most of life is not so simple. Yet even amidst the chaos and uncertainty you may face, you can still progress.

Most of life and success is trial and error, so even a “mis-step” can be a valuable learning experience, eventually taking you in the right direction.

2. Your next step grounds you in the Now.

When unsure, you may feel spacey. You feel out of your body and clouded by brain fog. You may want to escape the discomfort.

By putting one foot in front of you, you then feel connected to the earth, with its positive vibration and natural radiation. You are able to be here and now with surer footing.

3. Your next step provides valuable feedback.

As you step into a new space, you will get feedback. Do you feel good or not? How is the new perspective from this next step? Are things opening up, shutting down, or are you not sure yet?

On a bigger scale, when stepping into a new career or relationship, notice the results you experience.

The ultimate outcome is unknowable, but you can tune into your thoughts and feelings right now. If you are going in the right direction, that should feel good. As organisms grow, they move toward pleasure and growth and avoid pain and oppression.

If things are getting too uncomfortable and it’s not worth going forward, you can take a step in another direction.

4. The next step creates more possibilities.

What’s possible for you? You’ll never know unless you try, unless you take that next step toward greater success, relationships and health. Each step you take moves you forward. Each step in itself can have value and enhance your perspective. You can see more of what is possible. You can live and move into an ever-greater life.

To help, we recommend using our Miracle Reframe with EFT to enhance your vibration, awareness and movement.

Final Thoughts on One-Step Miracle

“It’s always your next move,” as Napoleon Hill said. We are designed to move, which involves experimenting and exploring.

[pullquote align=”left”]Your next step helps you find and follow a path, and to change course when it’s time. And it all begins with your next step.” [/pullquote]

Like a child, sometimes you will stumble and fall. Then it’s time to brush yourself off, get up and keep going. We also recommend connecting your movements holistically, meaning connecting your brain and heart.

This means letting your heart guide you as you move. It means being in the flow and tuning into your body. It means appreciating the miracle of your next step and where it can take you and how far it’s taken you already.

You’ve taken a lot steps to get where you are now. What’s the next step? Be intentional, watch and find out.