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The Biggest Myth about Life Purpose

[Note: This is an updated article originally posted in March 2015]

Many people are much closer to living their life purpose than they think. Yet there’s a myth that can blind us to our deeper purpose …

The faulty thinking goes something like this: “I just need to know exactly what I’m here to do. Then when it’s clear to me, I can successfully live my life purpose and fulfill my mission.” Here’s the problem. Your purpose isn’t an exact thing to do. It’s not one narrow, fixed task you are meant to accomplish.

Let’s explore this myth about life purpose a bit more so we can be free from its spell.


Believing you need to find the one right thing to do leads to thinking there are many wrong choices to make. In effect, by choosing the “wrong” pursuit, you are irreversibly going down the wrong path — and your purpose will remain unfulfilled. Or you will hang around, on hold. You are waiting for the just-right purpose to appear so you can take action, without risk of failure.

This thinking actually means you are trying to be perfect. According to this “perfect” world, you must do exactly the right thing. Then all risk is eliminated and you’re fail-safe. Be perfect and your success is guaranteed.

By trying to be perfect, you also end up distrusting the universe. Here are some symptoms: You can become frozen in fear. You may feel a low-grade anxiety buzzing in the background. You’re left with mediocrity and holding on, waiting for the perfect purpose to reveal itself.

And there are no guarantees.  That’s not how life works. There are just choices, some more important than others, which have possible outcomes.


Life purpose is not one thing, a single task or project to do. It’s much bigger, more encompassing and fluid. Life purpose aligns with your talents and passions and how you want to make the world a better place. Your contribution.

Life purpose connects with a vision of the world, a vision that only you, with your unique abilities and experience, can create. Your purpose directs you to create in a way that is right for you, which will unfold over time.

Here’s something important to keep in mind. It’s about where your purpose truly comes from. It’s generated by your heart’s deeper desires, those connected with love and creativity.


Our purpose (Phillip and Jane) is about making the world a more loving, prosperous place. Our mission, stems from our purpose. It’s about helping people — though our teaching, writing, consulting and communicating — become more loving, prosperous and whole, where everyone’s gifts are honored. Our mission is embodied in our non-profit organization Awakenings Institute.

In other words, there are many ways to fulfill your purpose. It’s not about finding the one perfect thing to do. There are multiple activities and pursuits you can do that align with your purpose.


So let your purpose emerge from your gifts, passions and desires to make the world a better place. Don’t get hung up on perfectionism. Stop overanalyzing or trying to find the one right thing that will instantaneously realize your purpose.

Your life purpose is more expansive and fulfilling than that. With the right understanding, like we are suggesting here, it’s easier to embrace your purpose as well.

And as you live your life purpose, you get to grow and change along with your purpose itself.

And you know what then happens? You and the world will be much richer for it.

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