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Why Your Life Purpose is So Important

Your life purpose lets you live deeply, breathe deeply — and you can turn even your life into a work of art.

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Your purpose creates a a life rich with meaning and connection, for yourself and others’ benefit.

As you are guided by a deeper purpose, you live as a meaningful specific, rather than a wandering generality, as Zig Ziglar noted. You are motivated from within, not following the dictates of others.

In short, your purpose is precious and invaluable. Let’s examine five crucial parts of being on purpose and the wonderful life it will create for you.

1. Feeling good about yourself.

Life is a mixed bag, with some good and bad stuff in it.

When you are guided by your life purpose, you can flexibly deal with the bad, sometimes composting it to fertilize your life into something better.  You know where you are headed. You resourcefully find ways to work through things, to sort things out, and get through the rough patches.

And during the good times, those favorable circumstances when it’s smooth sailing, you feel a deep feeling of flow and gratitude, even bliss at times.

Adding to this powerful benefit, research shows that a good mood improves your memory and thinking. It stands to reason that when feeling good you will think more clearly, access relevant memories and make better decisions.

2. Developing Your Gifts and Talents.

You know something wonderful? It’s great when you can do what love, things that energize you and help others. It can include art, teaching, serving, researching, leading or performing.

Doing things you excel at with intention and awareness, doing so with purpose, puts you in a life purpose flow (we’ll call it LPF).

The more you do such meaningful activities that you enjoy, the more your life is in sync and synchronicities happen.  You meet the right person, hear the right podcast, read the blog that inspires you to take action.

3. Making a Difference.

Here’s an important question to ask yourself: How can I make the most of my life?

Use your talents and skills and find strategies to implement them. This includes setting an intention to do more of what you love to help others (larger-than-self goals).  For example, one of our friends is creating a statue for his town to honor Black Lives Matter. Another person might put her talents to work in a charity or non-profit organization. Or you might start teaching classes or writing about a subject that inspires you.

So here’s something many people don’t realize … Everything we are (our thoughts, feelings and actions) can contribute to the whole of our life and provide opportunities to others for growth.

Think a positive kind thought now, feel the love … and it ripples our all around you and into your future.

4. Find ways to go forward with clarity and confidence.

With your purpose in mind, your life purpose flow (LPF) is like having the wind behind your back.

This focus in turn creates more flow. You often feel good about yourself, regularly elevated by using your gifts and skills. You are sailing pretty smoothly and can adapt to troubled waters. You can now brave the storm and course correct.

You also realize you’re taking cues from inner promptings, as well as paying attention to signals from your outer environment.  Following these cues aligns you with your life plan, the dreams and goals that you came into this life with.

Being on purpose, with LPF, you are better able to handle uncertainty and deal with the unknown. After all, you know those unseen areas are where new discoveries and creativity is found. Your purpose, then, invites you to step outside your comfort zone.

You do feel the fear and still follow your heart through the uncharted waters.

5. Delving into Life’s Greatest Mysteries.

Your life purpose doesn’t make your life a bed of roses. You will just be well-equipped when the challenges arrive.

Also, much of life is maintenance and routine.  Chop wood, carry water, brush your teeth. We can do these repeating activities mindlessly or mindfully. With purpose, with LPF, you sense yourself in a bigger picture.

And with all the challenges, routines and beauty, you sense how our world is wrapped in mystery.

To awaken to life’s mystery, you realize that you are part of a glorious whole. You “see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower,” as William Blake poetically said.

Routines give you the energy and clarity to do your best. You get in rhythm following the sun and moon’s daily cycles.

With purpose, you are more aware of doing things like waking up and retiring regularly in sync with the heavenly bodies and celestial global spheres that influence our daily lives.

Your routines and habits are the backdrop, the environment from which you can prioritize your heart’s messages.

You use intuition, along with your reasoning power, to guide you.  You feel that things make sense, even amidst the multi-crises around us, with tribal disputes, climate upheaval, social injustice and more. You have a part to play.

And you are able to make peace within yourself even amidst the crazy.

You Matter

You matter. You really do. And so do others.  As you follow the light of your purpose, you make space for others to do so in the way that is right for them.

As poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote:

“Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

Said differently, you evolve as does your purpose.

So as you feel good — using your talents, making a difference, and gaining confidence — you do indeed delve into life’s mysteries. You are no longer the fish swimming unknowingly in the water. You are aware of the vast world of which you a part.

And while you explore the glory and depths of life, you strengthen your inner light. Now energized, you go forward into the beauty and miracles of life.

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