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Life Purpose: Three Must-Haves for Your Best Life

How do you create your best life and fulfill your purpose?  For success, you need three main ingredients to make things come together and be in the flow of your best life.

So here are the three essentials: knowledge, tools and support. This potent, alchemical mixture fuels your purpose, which comes from a dream of a greater, fulfilling life.

With the above elements, you create not only a wonderful life for yourself. Your life links to creating a better world.  You then play your unique part in raising the world’s consciousness and connectedness.

As you may know, to realize your dream now is sorely needed for the state of world affairs. Change starts with you, from moment to moment. It can create an organic sphere of influence and a wonderful momentum going forward.

Here then are the details on these three must-have ingredients to lift your life to higher ground.

Getting the Right Knowledge

The knowledge you need for a great life is different from just reading something idly. It’s also not just collecting facts or going down rabbit holes following alluring topics. This kind of information may range from being mildly pleasurable, satisfying a curiosity, to a waste of time or even misleading.

For your best life, though, you need relevant knowledge that promotes growth and awareness in the right way for you. To create your optimal life then, what do you need to know? Some of it comes from inside you and some from external resources. Let your heart guide you and the mind can follow and figure out the details.

If you want to be a healer, researcher, teacher, artist, leader, or server, you need the right material to base your life on. Learn from your inner promptings, such as aha’s, intuitive knowing and emerging messages and images. Externally, let your heart lead you to relevant resources: people, online information, trustworthy social media, books and podcasts.

Important Note: As valuable as relevant knowledge is, it can be of limited use by itself. It can remain at the intellectual level, lacking depth and understanding.

Here’s the key.  Knowledge combines with the other two elements of tools and support along with experience. It leads to knowing, connecting at a deeper level to your beingness.

Finding the Right Tools and Practices

To integrate useful knowledge, you’ll want tools and methods to gain understand. These practices can come from online or offline sources.

For example, learning how to use holistic EFT tapping can clear blocks and be a daily energetic tune up.

There are also meditations and mindfulness practices like soul centering. These practices help you be more self-aware and move forward into a thriving life, regardless of what you are externally facing. Some of the biggest challenges can become the biggest opportunities as well.

Having Good Support

Here’s something hiding in plain sight. Have you ever wondered why you are living in such a populated planet? All these people, from humanity to personal relationships, are hugely important.

Here’s the challenge. A 2021 American Perspectives Survey shows that Americans report fewer close friendships than ever. Respondents claimed to talk and rely less often on their friends for emotional support.

There are many contributing factors to feeling isolated including long working hours, moving to different locations, cell phones and excess social media. Connecting emotionally and socially to others is a lifeblood of living fully.

We have connections to many groups: family, friends, work groups, social groups and more. As our best life emerges, so too does a sense of connecting to humanity as a whole. To thrive, we need to find our own inner circle, an intimate connection with others we can deeply trust. We want to develop relationships with like-minded souls, those who naturally support us and that we can support as well.

With this foundational support, your life purpose helps you serve yourself and others for the highest good in the moment and in general. Also, this special network of people helps you be solid, flexible and compassionate to other groups who are not as like-minded. With knowledge, tools and support, you are lifted to higher ground. Feeling good with higher awareness, where you can fully use and develop your gifts and talents.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Best Life and Life Purpose

As you consolidate these three vital elements, synchronicities light up. You often are in the right place at the right. You are in the moment, opening to the present of being present.

In entering into the flow of a fulfilling life, here’s one thing to keep in mind: Be patient and diligent. It can take time to develop your knowledge, tools and support. For example, years ago we badly wanted to sell our house and move to our desired location. As it turned out, it took about two years to sell our house. But once the timing was right, things happened smoothly and quickly.

Also, as life changes, so do the nature of these ingredients. Knowledge for one period might recede for new learning. A tried-and-true practice might be replaced by another. Your close network of supporters can change.

The patience and devotion to cultivating these elements is well worth it.  You then stay flexible and grounded through life’s demands, its ebb and flow. You hold true to the profound maxims of “Know thyself” and “To thine own self be true.”

When you get off track, you can feel it and see it. You can then course correct with your three-fold elements helping you to create your best life. You are lifted to higher ground: you feel more alive. You naturally have the courage and grit to go through life, with curiosity, creativity and love. You seek mastery and create artistry of your own life.

While your feet stay on the ground, you do get a sense that the sky is the limit. As we note in our Miracle Reframe Process, “Anything is possible and miracles are happening now.”