010: Shelley Stockwell | Daily Laughter Therapy

Is laughter the best medicine? Are you ready for some Laughter Therapy today?

In this podcast, we interview the brilliant and entertaining Shelley Stockwell.  She lays out step-by-step how to have laughter and joy be part of your experience every day.

Shelley StockwellDr Shelley is the President of the International Hypnosis Federation and the author of 16 books that expand your awareness in every way. She originated Joy Therapy more than 35 years ago. Her wisdom comes from years as an active Media Personality with countless appearances on many shows. Her popular cable television program, “The Shelley Show:” received the coveted Angel Award of Excellence for outstanding cable television and she just received the life time achievement award from the mid america hypnosis community.


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • How to be holistically balanced, including fundamental: fun with the mental
  • The Joy and Laughter Therapy approach to changing your misery story
  • Four Steps to Happiness
  • Writing a humor journal
  • How to improve your self talk

Isn’t it time for healing laughter? Take a load off. Let work become play and play work… Make it “Plork,” as Dr. Shelley recommends.

“Find your laughter place and own it.” — Shelley Stockwell


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