009: More on the Best Year Yet – Building Confidence

In this podcast episode, we focus on the all-important issue of building confidence, so you can have the best year (and life).

building confidence worksWe answer some pivotal questions our audience asked us. One question had to do with “How do I release the limits I have held about myself for so long?”

Another related question we explore is “I have doubts about succeeding in the new coaching business I want to start.”

To help a subscriber with insomnia, we share our BELIEF BUSTER PROCESS WITH EFT. We have previously only taught this powerful simple process in our coaching and EFT certification classes, but wanted to share it here.


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Reinventing yourself
  • Skill set and marketing
  • A powerful little exercise about how to feel good
  • Key questions to ask for belief busting
  • Resolving insomnia and other issues with our signature The Belief Buster Process and EFT tapping

Open yourself up to becoming more confident…

“The only time you can believe in yourself is now.” — Phillip Mountrose


Phillip and Jane Mountrose