019: Finding and Living Your Life Purpose

Isn’t your life’s purpose about making a difference? Teamwok concept with hands on globe

In this episode (1 of 2), we teach how finding and living your purpose creates genuine happiness and freedom. We have studied life purpose for many years, first on ourselves and in helping others. We offer many publications and trainings on the subject.

We answer some common and pressing questions we received from readers:

> “What is my life purpose and how can I figure it out?”
> “I’m re-evaluating my purpose. Things have shifted and now I’m confused about what to do?”


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • What Magic Johnson and Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos, can teach us about life purpose
  • How to determine your life purpose
  • 10 stages people go through in life purpose
  • How to shift your life purpose as you grow and change and more…

“You are a work in progress, and so too is your purpose.” Phillip Mountrose

To hear episode two of this podcast on Life Purpose and Heart Widsom, along with overcoming obstacles with EFT, click here.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose