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016: How to Manifest – Holistic Healing and EFT Tapping

    Learn how to manifest using holistic healing and EFT tapping to overcome obstacles and give rise to your emerging greatness.flickr-magic-150x150

    In this episode, we answer our readers most important questions on manifesting. Specifically in this part 2 of 2 shows, we address how to get clear of issues blocking manifestation.(See first manifesting show.)

    Also we address questions on how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping to heal a wide range of body-mind  issues.


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    In this episode, some highlights include…

    • Specific tips on improving results with EFT tapping
    • How Gary Craig, emofree founder, warns of the limits of EFT Tapping Scripts
    • EFT for pain and trauma
    •  Holistic EFT addresses body and mind and spirit connection.
    • The Emerging Greatness Process with EFT (an original Mountrose GTT (Getting Thru) Technique

    “Even though I have limitation, I’m allowing greatness to emerge and completely accept myself.” EFT affirmation from Phillip Mountrose