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The Miraculous Power of Spiritual Healing

With more twenty-five years in the field, we’re still learning more about the miraculous power of spiritual healing. Using a holistic approach, we now understand spiritual energy as our deepest and most powerful resource for healing, accessing higher wisdom, and setting your course in life.

Healing Light“Our darkest moments
call us to find the light.

This light is universal. When we discuss spiritual healing, we’re not referring to any specific spiritual beliefs, just the realization that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies.

From this perspective, we have also seen that everyone is evolving, that everything and everyone is in a beautiful process of becoming more … of progressing on a path to wholeness.

Even when a physical condition is the result of an accident or has a hereditary or environmental component, it may be understood to be a step on our evolutionary journey.

Dr. Christine Page described the power of spiritual healing this way in her book Frontiers of Health: From Healing to Wholeness:

“ … true care must include the activities of the mind and the soul.

The physical body is purely a vehicle for the soul and the spirit. Treating one aspect in isolation from the others will lead to an incomplete cure, although on a physical level the patient may appear healed.”

It’s easy to confirm that the body has an inherent desire to return to its natural state of well-being. When we cut ourselves, the cut heals. When we get a cold, the body generally restores its natural state of well-being in a week or so. No one can do this in the body’s place, not even a medical doctor. A doctor can only help the body to help itself.

Whether we realize it or not, every part of us has this same desire – emotionally, mentally, and most importantly spiritually. When we become emotionally distraught, the spirit within us seeks to return us to a more balanced state of wholeness. In essence, this is how we evolve, by facing challenges and growing from the experience of transcending them. To us, this is the ultimate paradigm shift as we move from a limited reality to one where more is possible.

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The Miraculous Power of Spiritual Healing

The power of spiritual healing, then, is in its ability to reach deeper into our consciousness to facilitate emotional, mental, and spiritual expansion.

“When we lose sight of our true identities and reasons for being alive, the spirit within us calls us to discover the truth of who we are and why we are here.”

This is what gives life meaning. For us, it has also become a mission.

To facilitate spiritual healing and expansion, we developed a process we now call the Super Reality Shift. Its purpose is to facilitate a shift from a limited, stressful reality to one that is joyous and expansive.

Miraculous Healing with the Super Reality Shift

By definition, a miracle is “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” The rational mind will never be able to explain it, but something in us, in the depths of our hearts, understands that miracles are possible.

In its development and use in recent years, the Super Reality Shift has been shown to be highly effective. It’s completely non-invasive and holistic, encoding the energy system with new fields of possibility that can produce dramatic and often miraculous changes in people’s lives.

We enjoy hearing the surprise in our clients’ voices when we complete the process. They often report being “stunned or “amazed” to notice feeling much different about their situation and potential for well-being. Physically, clients often notice that pain they have experienced for years is substantially or completely gone and that swelling, redness, and other visible signs have changed dramatically as well, all in a few minutes.

Emotionally, clients generally experience a new sense of joy. They also gain an appreciation of themselves as uniquely special spiritual beings.

Results that clients have reported include surprising feelings of well-being and even excitement about what might be possible now. Clients also report visible physical changes, reduction or complete elimination of pain and other physical symptoms, a new sense of confidence, and more.

Spiritual Healing in Action

Here is a case history that provides a sense of what is possible with the Super Reality Shift. The client’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

A Case History: Spiritual Healing for Rachel’s Deformed Foot

For ten years, Rachel suffered from a tremendously uncomfortable poulus, which is similar to a corn, on the bottom of her right foot. Five years ago, she went to a foot doctor to have it removed. Unfortunately, the procedure also severed some nerves and caused numbness. To make it worse, the corn came back. As a result, walking was painful and she ended up with a limp.

Rachel was in pain all day every day and her quality of life was severely compromised. Since she could not walk normally because of the pain, her foot was also becoming deformed.

At the beginning of Rachel’s session, Jane asked her to measure the pain in this foot on a scale of 1-10, with ten being the greatest possible pain. Rachel rated it at 6 and when she touched it, she reported that the pain went all the way up to 10.

For those who are familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the Super Reality Shift is performed similarly in rounds, each of which may produce partial or complete results. During a period of silence while Jane performed the first round, Rachel was comfortable doing some continuous tapping with EFT. As instructed, she just kept her mind open.

Minutes later, after a single round of the Super Reality Shift, Rachel stood up and she was immediately amazed how different it was. Now she could put her foot down flat when she walked, something she hadn’t been able to do for a year. She rated the pain at 1 or 1-1/2 now when touching it. It stunned her that the pain was nearly gone!

They decided to do repeat the process to see how far it would go. After a second round, Rachel experienced no pain or pressure walking normally, something she hadn’t been able to do for years. Later, she reported that after the session she walked barefoot down the concrete driveway to the garage.

When her husband saw her, he, too was amazed. “You’re not limping!” was his response. He had seen first hand more than anyone the pain her foot caused her in the past.

Rachel’s foot was so comfortable, she could wear regular shoes afterwards, rather than the padded tennis shoes she had worn for years. And the results lasted. Six weeks later, Rachel reported that she was still practically pain free, even though she was on her feet much more than she had been before.

In Rachel’s words, “the difference is night and day.” She was also happy to report that her disposition changed dramatically, being free of pain. The deformation is her foot was also normalizing gradually as time passed.

“What Happened?”

You may wonder how this could possible occur. We’ve asked this ourselves. Now we would say Rachel experienced a Reality Shift and a super one at that. Jane never touched Rachel. In fact, they we not even in the same room or the same state. This session occurred by phone, with Jane in California and Rachel on the East Coast.

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