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025: The Power of Enthusiasm

Use the power of enthusiasm to express yourself and deal with criticism. Learn how to promote yourself, like successful people do, enthusiastically supporting your life and work.power of enthusiasm

In this podcast episode, we share an important and often overlooked tip: become an enthusiastic self promoter.

Using EFT tapping and our signature Miracle Reframe with EFT Process, we share how the power of enthusiasm can be a game changer for you.


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • How being timid can make you selfish
  • How to deal with criticism
  • EFT tapping and the Miracle Reframe for confidence and growth
  • Overcoming fear of being exposed
  • Developing self expression
  • Self-promotion and more….

“Anything is possible and miracles are happening now.” — The Miracle Reframe by Phillip and Jane Mountrose