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Rewiring Your Brain for Ultimate Success

We all want to succeed. To rewire your brain for ultimate success, two important questions then follow:

  1. What does success mean?
  2. How do you make sure you are going in the right direction?

Most people at first are drawn to the outer trappings of success: wealth, possessions, status, things. This can be useful, necessary and fun. But it is limited if it eventually it doesn’t connect to what those outer manifestations point to: the underlying energies of success.

In other words, at a certain point success needs to be connected to deeper things, more inward development than outward accomplishment. Namely, a deeper sense of security, meaning, purpose, fulfillment and contribution. This inner shift first takes awareness, then some time, some effort and focus.

Rewiring Your Brain for Ultimate Success

To flourish on the inside as well as the outside, some deliberate programming is in order. This means you make it a priority. To start, you need to believe such inner and outer success is possible for you, and you are motivated to act accordingly. With belief comes conviction.

To illustrate, when people see their brain scans revealing deterioration, they are often are spurred to take action before more damage is done. It may result in better lifestyle medicine choices, such as improved sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

So too with rewiring your brain for self-development. You can create new neural connections, productively forging new pathways in your brain and abandoning old worn-out paths.

Raising Your Set Point for Ultimate Success

How is your inner “set point” formed? In this case, we are not talking about maintaining physical systems like blood pressure and body temperature.  In contrast to these physical body systems, there are set points that are formed by your common thoughts and attitudes – attitudinal set points that you’ve adopted over your life.

These default reactions tend to be unconscious and often don’t work benefit you. Yet they are common, automatic responses and negative self-talk.

Using affirmations can make a difference here. You may have tried positive affirmations in the past, perhaps with little to show for it. And it’s true that underlying blocks may need to be cleared to make way for believing in uplifting affirmations. (Blocks such as, “Life never works out for me.”)

Yet putting things in a new context here can make the difference. Reciting affirmations can be rote and unemotional. However, when you know that you can rewire your brain, your belief level rises.

You have more conviction that you will take action and can improve. It’s like seeing that disturbing brain scan and then seeing how people’s brains have improved after making deliberate efforts.

By using positive affirmations (like the ones we will cite below), you can reprogram yourself. Those new beliefs can become your new self-talk. You then develop new responses, ones that replace the automatic low set points that were self-defeating.

In effect, you become motivated to act and expect results.

Some Examples of How to Rewire Your Brain

We want to offer some affirmation examples that we’ve used ourselves and taught others. Once integrated, such self-talk can make a world of difference.

It may take time to see results. And you do need to memorize them and diligently think and say them on a regular basis. Be diligent and patient.

The achievable goal is to make these new set point targets as familiar as some of the negative, well-worn pathways that existed before. Remember, we are talking about making deep shifts and transformations, which take time to integrate.

Old Set Point 1:
I am stuck and frustrated.

New Set Point 1:
I am flexible and resilient.

Old Set Point 2:
I don’t know what to do.

New Set Point 2:
I can easily find my next step.

Old Set Point 3:
Life is a struggle.

New Set Point 3:
My life flows with joy and ease.

Those are just a few examples. We encourage you to find your own limiting thoughts ─ and then find better, positive replacements. At first, it might be awkward. Some may not be the right words.

Some affirmations you might be avoiding due to an emotional block. In that case, you can use EFT or Spiritual Kinesiology for clearing.

Opening the Mind and Heart

This profound transformation involves opening your mind and heart. You pursue the greater you, then organically start to do what it takes to become a better person.

You take charge. You are in control of your destiny as your set point rises. Then your self-talk sounds like, “I turn obstacles into opportunities,” “I am patient and follow through,” “I can do it.”

[pullquote align=”left”]Yes you can. [/pullquote]