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How to Set Your Mind for Outrageous Success

It’s been suggested that 80% of success comes from your mindset. The other 20% is knowing what to do. Success coach Loren Fogelman talked with us on overcoming the four primary fears of success today on our Heart of Success Blogtalk Radio Show. It was a fun and information-packed show.

The four primary fears to success are…

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of making mistakes
  3. Fear of disapproval
  4. Fear of success (the most overlooked one, including negative beliefs about wealth and money)

    Here are some highlights from our discussion with Loren:

    • You must have goals and strategies to carry them out. Still know that the outcome is unpredictable.
    • Use EFT to clear those sabotaging beliefs on your dreams and goals.

    Here were three powerful tools to use for accessing the heart and soul of success.

    * Be aware of your inner critic.
    Turn him/her into a positive critic. The critic can keep you safe and offer constructive feedback,  rather than being a continuous negative inner voice.

    * Summon your Inner Success Coach.
    This coach can cheer you on and point out the positive and what works.
    For example, instead of “It won’t work,” say “It’s working here.”
    Instead of “I blew it,” try “I’m learning from the experience.”
    Instead of “I can’t change,” try “I can use change to improve.”

    * Create a Success or Good Feeling Journal.
    Log ways you’ve helped other and received positive feedback. Then when those inevitable intervals come, you’ll have your journal to bolster you and move you forward.

    * Before retiring, recount the good of each day and what you want to accomplish tomorrow.
    Gratitude is powerful. Also “sleeping on it” can resolve issues and integrate your next steps.

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    Tell us how you keep your mindset right?