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Want More Abundance?

How’s that abundance thing going for you?

EFT Pioneer Carol Look talked with us on the vibration of abundance today on our Heart of Success Blogtalk Radio Show. It was an abundantly fun and fascinating show.

Here were some of the highlights of our discussion:

  • Abundance is a vibration, which includes money, health, relationships and everything.
  • You need an effective body-based technique like EFT to make The Secret (law of attraction) work.If you’re not as successful as you wish, there are some things to realize: Fears, in many forms, are sabotaging your success. These are often unconscious.
  • Relax and release your fears (take the foot off the brake pedal).
  • Take comfort in knowing we all are held back at times.
  • It’s  good to start with faulty beliefs that have you think being successful is unsafe. For example:
    * I’ll stand out.
    * Someone will hurt me.
    * People will be jealous of me.
    * I would be at odds with my family who are not as successful.
  • When you change your mindset with EFT, it will start to show up in your life. You’ll start to realize your magnificence and self worth.


Here are some affirmations you can use with EFT to raise your vibration and attract more abundance into your life.

> “Even though I have these deep fears of success and didn’t know it, I’m ready to let go and resolve it.”

> “I love to let go of these old blocks and patterns, it feels right.”

> “I’m ready to release these fears and move forward. I deserve to be abundant!”

Bottom line, you can get rich when you feel poor (or get thin when you feel fat).  The operative word is “feel.”


Creating abundance through feelings ties into gratitude. Making a gratitude journal makes it even more concrete.

Start finding even the small things where abundance shows up in your life (your ideas, your pets, your clothes, anything that comes to mind.)

To hear the blogtalk radio show on abundance and being safe go to


What are your thoughts on abundance?


Phillip and Jane Mountrose