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Your Learning Style, EFT and Great Communication

Do you want to dramatically improve your communication? Then know your own and others’  learning styles.

Holistic-Marketin- Success-SpiralWe discussed with Intuitive Mentor and  Coach and EFT Expert Rue Haas how learning styles can make a big difference on a radio interview.

Here are some highlights from the show:

* The 3 learning styles include visual, auditory (hearing/listening) and kinesthetic (body-oriented)

* Use the favorite learning style to best communicate. For example, for cooking you can read a recipe (visual), hear about it (auditory), or just create by feel (kinesthetic). Of course,  we all use a mixture of all styles.

* If you write something down, you use all 3 modalities. Thus the power of taking notes, journaling and writing.

* Appreciate others for their differences, rather than getting upset at a different learning style. Phillip, for example, tries to show Jane something (she’s visual), so he can communicate better with her.

* The outer learning styles correspond to the inner, intuitive senses: inner seeing, hearing and feeling. There is also inner knowing, a separate sense in itself, which encompasses the other senses.

* With EFT, use all the senses. This makes EFT more effective and profound. For the problem you’re addressing with EFT, see it as a color. Get an image of it. What does it sound like? Feel like?

* Using all learning styles, EFT can be more than a mechanical process. It can be creative and go deeper.

* Use EFT and the learning style to transform your gremlins (limitations). Know that your limitations are mainly illusory and they are hiding your magnificence.

* Enjoy life. Use all your senses, especially your preferred one(s). And communicate accordingly. Enjoy yourself and others more!



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Phillip and Jane Mountrose