Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

In the Flow, Above the Fray

Sometimes miracles – those unexpected transcendent experiences – come into your life. Wow! They light up your life and shine onto others.

One such miracle happened to us 15 years ago. While taking our morning walk, we received this special mantra from above: “Anything is possible and miracles are happening now!” Just the receiving of this phrase was miraculous, plus the lifelong benefits of using it.

This uplifting phrase became the basis for our Miracle Reframe with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Process.

The Latest Miracle

Recently another extraordinary mantra came to us. The phrase is “In the flow, above the fray.” Sit with that for a moment …

Here’s the brief backstory for this special download message.  One day during Phillip’s daily meditation, he addressed a vague, out-of-sorts feeling he was having. As part of his practice, he drew an oracle card that had the message “In the Flow.” Going deeper, he went on to connect with his soul and received this message:

“When you’re in the flow, you are more joyous, creative and optimistic. This is your goal for now: to rise above the fray and be your best in a higher state, accessing higher resources and dimensions. Let go of trying to figure out too much or control anything, except your own attitude, state of mind. When you are in the right place, you will know what to think, feel and say.”

What is “the Fray”?

The fray exists in the cauldron of the many influences we face. It includes conflicts in religion, family, race, money, work, politics and more. These challenges are occurring for you personally and on a collective level as well. It’s easy to get consumed by these ongoing turbulent elements all around us.

In the Flow

Being in flow is a wondrous way that we can engage with the world. It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from being stuck. In the flow, we have effortless effort. We are at once relaxed and focused, creative and in sync with what we are doing.

We could be creating art, playing a sport, finding a solution, or having a deep discussion or meditating. Or we could be just taking a walk, observing and quietly reflecting on the world miraculously around us.

Stunning Results

While in the flow and above the fray, what do you experience?  More acceptance, trust and harmony. You access the field of infinite potential and get to play around to your heart’s delight.

You see the goodness, even behind the frayed divisions, and feel the love. You connect with the cosmic heartbeat of the universe.

What’s more, there are two further benefits being in the flow. One is you experience more grace. You find flow in the life before you. You experience “infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour,” as William Blake eloquently said. In other words, you find opportunities to be creative in the dynamic world of which you are a part.

Profound Gratitude

The additional benefit of being in the flow above the fray is the deep appreciation you feel. Your mindset might be something like this:

Yes, the world is messy with so many divisions. But I can still productively engage now.

Say aloud “In the flow, above the fray.” You can add holistic EFT tapping while doing it if desired, which can enhance the experience.

I can find what inspires me, even a little, or be patient knowing that a spark will come. I can find those challenges that excite me. I can participate, whether it’s in art, sports, engaging projects or being in nature. I can flow in the now.

I take it in. I breathe in the energy. I let the creative intelligence of the universe flow through my mind-body…

Of course, you can’t always be in flow, which would be too intense for too long a period. There’s also much to attend to, including life’s maintenance and disruptions, which are different from being in flow. It might be hard balancing your checkbook in a flow state.

And yet you can be in flow while chopping wood, carrying water and brushing your teeth.

The goal then is to be more often in flow, a positive momentum, syncing with a timeless, beautiful universe. In those transcendent moments, you are in the flow, above the fray.