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031: Spiritual Life Coaching Q&A — Part 1

Why is it so important to understand spiritual coaching, to help yourself and others?  What does Wallace Wattles, financial independence, and the science of being great have to do with spiritual coaching?

Illustration of an illuminated light bulbIn this podcast episode (part 1 of 2), we answer your most important questions on how to be an effective spiritual coach — to help yourself and others.

As explained elsewhere on this site, “holistic and spiritual coaching put life into the context of this quest, where we connect with the divine wisdom as our guide.”

Included are answers to some of the top questions we received from subscribers about spiritual coaching, such as…

  • “What makes spiritual coaching unique?”
  • “Why is a spiritual approach important?”
  • “How does financial independence relate to a spiritual approach?”
  • “Is a license or liability insurance required for spiritual coaching?”

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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • The role of a spiritual coach
  • 5 illuminating services of spiritual coaching
  • How Maslow’s needs Pyramid relates to spiritual coaching
  • The 7 spiritual stages of development
  • Wallace Wattles and the science of being great and the science of being rich
  • and much more /

Listen to part 2 here.


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