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Dream Development: Three Keys for Manifesting Your Dreams and Goals

We all dream of living fully and having a wonderful life. It makes us feel alive. Manifesting a bright future with dreams and goals can take you on a miraculous journey. The key is understanding dream development and how manifestation really works.

Our recent blog, “The Three Lines of Transformational Personal and Spiritual Development,” discussed dream development as one of three essential elements in the Transformational Triad. This triad focuses on realizing your full potential, which includes manifesting a more creative, prosperous, and fulfilling reality.

Dream Development PuzzleToday’s post adds more pieces of the puzzle and links to more related articles on this website. Whether you are a budding holistic professional like the ones in our Holistic Coaching and Healing Program or an individual who wants to manifest your dreams and goals, this approach can be transformational.

Much of the joy of solving a puzzle is discovering how the pieces come together. So it is, too, with life…

Why is Dream Development So Important?

When it comes right down to it, most people lack an effective plan for manifesting their dreams and goals. Many dream of getting rich and living happily ever after, and for these people, winning the lottery may be their only strategy. With the odds being overwhelmingly against them, this is clearly not an effective approach.

To add to the misery, for the rare people who do win, studies show that lottery winners frequently lose their fortunes within a few years, or wish they hadn’t won. This is because they are missing the three keys to dream development we present here.

Their goals may be out of sync with their deeper purpose (their reason for being alive) and journeys as evolving souls. Self-development and purpose development are the two remaining elements in the transformational triad. When all three come together, the results can be transformational and even miraculous.

As a starting point, most people rely primarily on wishful thinking, the Law of Attraction, and other similar approaches for manifesting your dreams. While approaches like the Law of Attraction have elements of truth, they are incomplete. There is much more to life than meets the eye. Incomplete approaches tend to leave people with more questions than answers.

This brings us to three keys for manifesting your dreams and goals.

Dream Development Key#1:
Connect with Truth and the Deeper Meaning of Life

Our plan comes to life in a time-tested Heart of Success Roadmap. What makes this approach different? We put dream development into the context of the bigger picture of who we are and why we are here.

None of us is here by accident and everything has meaning. As life would have it, we had to learn this ourselves the hard way. There was a time when we didn’t feel like we really mattered or like anything we did mattered. Maybe you’ve been there, too. It’s a miserable place to be.

Fortunately, with determination to find the truth, we discovered we were wrong. Everyone matters and everyone has something special to share. Our lives lacked meaning and purpose because we didn’t know where to find the truth or how to change our situation. Little did we know how valuable this opportunity was.

The Way Forward for Manifesting Your Dreams and Goals

In our misery, one thing stuck in our minds. Something inside us sensed that the truth was out there and we just needed to find it. This time, we were right and when we discovered the truth that lies within ourselves, our lives gradually transformed. As Buddha advised:

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Everyone has a source of truth within and a creative spirit that can be nurtured. Ironically, it’s hiding in plain sight, in the depths of our hearts. As we strengthened our connection to the truth in our hearts, the big picture gradually emerged. You can learn how to do this in our article entitled “Enlisting Spiritual Power with Soul Centering.”

This is where the journey into the heart of success and manifesting our dreams and goals took off. It worked! Now, we love our prosperous new careers, live where we want to live, have a lot of freedom, and above all, know that we are making a difference.

Over a period of several decades as holistic coaching and healing professionals, we’ve done extensive research and explorations into human potential, which can mean different things to different people.

We’ve found a holistic approach to be the most objective, because everything within us – our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits – and surrounding us is connected and meaningful. We’re designed to live fully and expand our horizons.

Dream Development Key #2:
Don’t forget to take a roadmap on the path to your dreams and goals.

In our explorations, we discovered some significant missing pieces and practical applications for manifesting dreams and goals. To help holistic professionals and individuals who want to receive the same benefits, we organized our extensive findings in to a seven-step roadmap anyone can use to manifest their dreams for health, prosperity, career, and more.

“When venturing into new territory, it makes sense to take a map.”

Our roadmap is both practical and transformational. Its effectiveness lies both in preparation for taking action and the approach to taking action. It’s also efficient. Without this preparation, people waste a lot of time and energy along the way. They get stuck in potholes, lost in detours, and defeated by dead ends.

The Heart of Success Roadmap includes these elements and much, much more:

Taking command of your life: The journey begins as you empower yourself to move out of the mainstream onto your unique path. Most people are afraid to leave the comfort of the norm to create the lives they were born to live. With an understanding of the nature of the journey, this is an easy fear to overcome. At a certain point, it becomes impossible to settle for a mundane life when so much more is possible.

Connecting with your heart and soul: As suggested, your heart becomes your guide and most powerful inner resource for manifesting the life you desire. Many people stumble and fall because they don’t know how to enlist their most powerful resources. What a waste! As Albert Einstein noted:

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

Overcoming blockages: We all encounter obstacles on the path. This includes stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, and judgments of yourself that can prevent you from fully embracing the life you truly desire. Saying “I can deal with it” or “It’s not really that bad” isn’t good enough. It’s much more effective to clear the obstacles once and for all with techniques like EFT and SK, so you can  move freely forward toward your dreams and goals.

Shifting into Manifestation Mode: With preparation, you can shift into a reality where you can create a life that flows with ease and joy. Action becomes inspired and life is good.

Our article “The Heart of Success Roadmap for Manifesting your Dreams”  describes how to progress on the path to your dreams and goals. It outlines seven steps you can take to get on course and stay on course for the rest of your life. This includes how to resolve the challenges that prevent too most people from realizing their dreams and living fully. How valuable might this be to you and the people around you?

Dream Development Key #3:
Build on a strong foundation.

The seven steps build on a strong foundation of uplifting energy. The focus is on keeping your spirits up, feeling joyful and alive. This alone is tremendously life-enhancing.

The life force energy around us and within us can be likened to the spiritual air we breathe. When we are in harmony energetically with the infinite intelligence of the universe, we are in our most resourceful state. Our hearts rejoice. Here, we experience love, connectedness, gratitude, joy, ease, and flow. We also can understand where we want to go and why.

When we are out of harmony energetically with the pulse of the universe, we are essentially off course. Here, we lack the resourcefulness we need to guide us on the journey. This deflating state is characterized by fear and other repressive emotions, feelings of separation, confusion, frustration, and stuckness.

Why Dream Development and Learning the Keys for Manifesting Your Dreams and Goals?

Having dreams and goals is exciting, but we all go off course at one time or another. Statistically, most people never start and many more quit along the way. It’s essential to understand what’s happening so you can course correct and create success.

On a larger scale. Oprah Winfrey observed:

“I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

The energy of love holds a high vibration. It’s the primary focus of Awakenings Institute, the organization behind this website. The higher the resonance of your vibrational field, the more you come into harmony with the synchronous flow of the universe and your full potential. With this crucial understanding as your foundation, it makes sense to aim for the supportive vibrations as fuel for moving freely forward toward the life of your dreams.

Focusing on love and the life you were born to live lifts your spirits and increases the capacity of both your mind and your heart. It makes you feel happy and excited about the life you are creating. You’ll also find that it reduces confusion, anxiety and stress. The fact that reducing chronic stress increases longevity is significant. Focusing on feeling good is more important than most people realize. It means that you are going in the right direction.

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