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The Three Lines of Transformational Personal and Spiritual Development

Our answers to the age-old questions – “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?” – form the foundation of our lives. It makes sense. Your perspectives on who you are, why you are here, and where you are going become your reality. These questions also define three lines of transformational personal and spiritual development.

Each of us is unique, as are our responses to these age-old questions.

As we evolve, our perspectives evolve.

It’s a beautiful journey and reflecting on these questions can open doors for a miraculous transformation we call “The Ultimate Paradigm Shift.”

From the perspective this shift, we would answer these questions in this way:

Who are we? Beyond being physical beings in a material world, we are all uniquely special spiritual beings who are here for a reason.

Why are we here? Beyond being here to survive, we are creators who are here to live fully, expand, and realize our full potential. Our hearts have the access to inner wisdom, the ability to dream (follow our hearts), and create a wonderful life.

Where are we going? Beyond meeting our physical and material needs, each of us has something special to offer to the world. We’re here with a higher purpose, to make a difference.

As practical tools for transformation, the three essential lines of balanced development evolve together. You can’t have one without the others. The three lines come together in the heart, the center of our being, and create a synergy as a Transformational Triad. In our lives, they provide clarity, inspiration, and direction.

The Three Lines of Development in the Transformational Triad

Here is an overview of the Transformational Triad:

Developing Ourselves: Who are we really?

The keys for recognizing our true identity can be found in opening to the love and connectedness that resides in the heart. Energetically, the heart connects us with the soul, our spark of divinity, which in turn provides higher guidance and wisdom.

Self development is the growth element. We all possess greatness that longs to emerge. As we overcome obstacles that keep us stuck, our hearts open, revealing more of the truth of who we are, and accessing universal wisdom. This wisdom transforms lives.

Developing Dreams and Goals: Why are we here?

The key to understanding “why” is creative imagination, enlisting the creative power of our heart’s desires. As we engage this creative power and true potential, we discover our reason for being alive, our “why.”

Dream Development taps into the calling of an opening heart that makes us feel fully alive. What makes your heart sing? This is important. The calling of our heart’s desires inspires us to do something special with our lives.

Developing Life Purpose: Where are we going?

Here, you might also ask “What difference do you want to make?” The big picture comes into focus as we engage our innate desire for greater life – for doing something meaningful. As we open to our true potential and activate our creative power, our dreams and inner wisdom connect us with a higher purpose, the difference we want to make.

Purpose Development brings everything together at a higher level and produces a positive impact on the world. Each of us is here for a reason, with a life we were born to live. Many people want to make a difference, but few recognize their deeper purpose and understand how to pursue it.

The picture of the transformational triad looks like this:

The Transformational Triad

Isn’t the possibility of realizing your true potential inspiring? It definitely is for us. We’ve been exploring these three areas for ourselves, our clients, and students in our Holistic Coaching and Healing Program for several decades now. They’re like an endless well of wisdom and possibilities.

As a note, in our Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification training, we systematically put this transformational triad together so you can apply it to your life and, as a result, better directly help others.

As essential keys for positive change, the three lines of development are the subjects of the three courses in our year-long program that produces real results.

Finding Simplicity Within the Three Lines of Development

At first glance, the Transformational Triad might seem complex. There is, admittedly, a lot to explore, but the journey is deeply fulfilling and the possibilities are truly miraculous.

With many things in life, simplicity emerges from complexity. 

We experienced this recently when we moved to a new home. First, we experienced dismantling as we packed more and more boxes and let go of the things that no longer served us. This was definitely challenging.

When we arrived at our new home, it was in chaos, with a sea of boxes, furniture, etc. everywhere. It felt like complexity at its worst. Gradually, as we unpacked and brought one item after another into order, our home became a thing of beauty. Now, we have the joy of appreciating the environment we have created every day.

As we integrate the possibilities in the three lines of development into our being, life takes on new meaning. When we take steps to let go of the things that no longer serve us (externally and internally) and embrace more expansive possibilities, our creative spirit emerges, and life itself becomes a joyous work of art.

Most people live with negative effects of stress, hurry, worry, confusion, anxiety, and fear that sabotage their natural experience of well-being. We’ve been there ourselves and you may have, too. At one time, we felt like life was leaving us behind. Something had to change.

The Change We All Seek

We found the change we were seeking in the love, power and wisdom that lit up our hearts. The three lines of development have the goal of transforming painful experiences of life into love, joy, ease, oneness, and flow. With focus, we connect with our natural, joyful way of being and a beautiful new sense of wholeness.

We’ve always been expansive. We didn’t want to go halfway or settle for wandering around in the wilderness without a map. Maybe you feel the same way. Life is to be lived and the sooner the better!

The journey into the three lines of development creates a synergy that changes everything. That’s why we call it the Ultimate Paradigm Shift. It’s a dimensional shift onto a creative plane of reality where we can live life fully, on our own terms. Here, everyone’s gifts are honored and nurtured. Here all are empowered to realize our dreams and make a meaningful difference.

Why Are All Three Lines of Development So Essential?

This is an important point. If any of the three lines of development is missing, the process of transformation comes to a halt.

Consider these examples:

Imagine trying to understand your life purpose, which is your reason for being alive, without having access to higher guidance and wisdom. In this case, in the absence of higher wisdom, a person is likely to head off in the wrong direction or easily become sidetracked for years on end. This happens all too often.

Imagine, too, a person who wants to have a better life, but is unable to dream because she doesn’t love and value herself. Misguided feelings of being flawed, inadequate, and unworthy stop too many people from recognizing how special they are. By contrast, when we believe in ourselves, which is the heart of self-development, the sky is the limit.

The Solution in the Three Lines of Development

At its best, life is a beautiful journey to wholeness. Oprah Winfrey describes it this way,

“I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

Love is the ultimate solution and primary focus of this website. With the emergence of love, the three lines of development come into play.

Self-development builds confidence in and appreciation of our true identities, which trigger awareness of the life we were born to live. Opening to our purpose adds clarity on where we are going. Developing our dreams and goals puts this expanded awareness into action, so we can realize our full potential and make a difference in the world. What could be better?

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