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Happy Tap — Say “Yes” with EFT Tapping (Signature Technique)

Learn a short and very effective EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping — for more success, love and happiness, better health and more.

In this original technique created by the Mountroses, Phillip Mountrose shows you how to simply say “yes” to what you want… starting now. Turn on your speakers and …



Responsibility Disclaimer

EFT, the premier energy technique, can be miraculously effective by itself. When you combine it with the “Yes” affirmation in this video, the results can be… yes… remarkable.

The Power of  Love and Happiness.. and Yes

All references to the Jim Carey Movie that humorously portrayed “the power of yes” aside, the word “Yes” is undeniably powerful. It offers many immediate benefits.

For example…. when you muscle test to assess a strength or weakness a person has to something (material or immaterial, say a food or thought), a baseline test can be to say “yes” or “no.” When pressure is exerted on the muscle, the testee generally tests strong (muscle firm) to saying “yes” and weak to saying “no” (muscle weak).

In other words, the word — and energy — “yes” bypasses our thinking, rational mind. “Yes” goes right to the unconscious. In contrast, “no” tells us what we want to avoid. No is negative, negating. Yes is positive, affirming.

There’s More to Yes

Try this little experiment now. Say “yes” aloud. Notice your response. Say “no” and notice again. “Yes” lifts you up and can easily make you genuinely smile. “No” is rather depressing and souring and could make you frown.

What’s more, a confused mind says… no. You got it. Whereas saying yes gives clarity. It helps you discern and decide what you really want.

Adding EFT, Supercharging the Power of Yes

So in our technique, we added “Yes” to the EFT affirmation. The classic EFT affirmation when tapping ends with something like “I love and accept myself,” powerful words as well.

For our “Happy Tap — Say Yes with EFT” tapping technique, we use the affirmation “I say yes to __________________.” Of course, you must be clear on what you say yes to. If you wish to go deeper with EFT in general, we offer EFT training courses.

Saying Yes with EFT

You can say “Yes” in general or  be specific to a certain area. You can say “yes” to specific manifestations (like better health, wealth, relationships) or qualities (like more clarity or confidence).

To use this EFT Yes Exercise as an all-purpose affirmation, you can say “Even though I have [issues/problems], I say ‘Yes’ to my dreams and goals now.”

Make this a Keystone Healthy Habit

As Charles Duhigg observed in The Power of Habit, certain habits carry over to affect others, having a positive chain reaction. Like walking your dog daily or meditating, certain routines can influence many other areas of health, relationships and well-being throughout the day and build positive results over time

So we suggest using this powerful, easy-to-use “Happy Tap -Say Yes with EFT” technique to start off your day, and create a positive momentum. “Yes” you can.

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