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How to Raise Your Money Vibration

What comes up for you when you think of money?

Do you want to know how to raise your vibration about money so you can have all the resources you want to live a great life and make a difference?

Does “abundance” and “prosperity” get you excited, but thinking about money deflate you?

Then read on about what we discussed with success coach Margaret Lynch on our Blog Talk Radio Show.

Here are some highlights from the Heart and Soul of Success with EFT blogtalk radio show on “How to raise your money vibration”:

* Much of our money programming comes from our parents… Think of an image of your parents and money. You hold that energy in your unconscious. The idea is to clear any negativity around the memories.

* Focusing on money itself often triggers emotions like fear, panic, anxiety, anger and sadness. All can be cleared with EFT.

* There are 4 areas to get clear about money:

  1. Income.
    Write down the income you earn, especially if it relates to something you want to pursue like a holistic practice. See what emotions come up.
  2. Debt.
    This often triggers shame and fear. There is also financial trauma around credit, too.
  3. Savings.
    This area can include negative beliefs about wealthy people. “Rich people are greedy, uncaring, etc.”  Wealth can take us out of our comfort zone, income levels that people we associate with consider normal. If you grew up with wealth, there may be control issues around money and fear of loss.
  4. Income Goals.
    Making specific income goals can trigger fear as well.

The idea is to tap with EFT specifically on the fears that come up. Then start your emotional freedom tapping and saying affirmations like…

“Even though I have this fear I can’t pay my bills…, I accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I never can catch up financially, I am open to receiving and earning more money.”

“Even though my family never had any money, I graciously say ‘yes’ to more income.”


Start finding more ways to say “yes” to money. Your vibration will rise. And you will be more on purpose, too — better able to serve yourself and others.

To hear the blogtalk radio show on Raising Your Vibration with EFT  go to http://blogtalkradio.com/eftclass


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