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Accelerated Spiritual Awakening and Transformation: Three Shortcuts

Many on the spiritual journey long for a deep spiritual transformation. We’ve been there and maybe you have, too. As we advance spiritually, we stretch limits to reach into the unknown and awaken to the divine presence of the soul. Within each of us, a beautiful butterfly is waiting to emerge.

Spiritual Transformation Butterfly

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.

– Richard Bach

We often describe spiritual awakening and transformation as a reality shift or paradigm shift. As the caterpillar grows wings and learns to fly, each of us evolves and rises from one plane or perspective on reality to another, where everything is more expansive. We call this the Ultimate Paradigm Shift in our book and course by the same name.

What does Spiritual Awakening and Transformation Involve?

This has been a key question and area of fascination for us over the years. We’ve explored the nature of the spiritual journey as seekers, coaching and healing students, then innovators and experts. We’ve always had a keen interest in spiritual transformation, along with the stages each of us must pass through as we awaken to our true identities.

We’ve studied a variety of spiritual traditions, scientific breakthroughs, and leading-edge perspectives. Like many people, we experimented with different things, and discovered that many are dead ends or slow roads that don’t seem to be worth traveling. Fortunately, for the last 20 years since we started Awakenings Institute, we’ve had the benefit of observing how transformation occurs in hundreds of our own students and clients.

What We Found

Based on everything we have learned and experienced, we found a holistic/energetic perspective to be the most objective. It’s free of dogma and organic in its unfolding. Over the years, we discovered how the entire transformational journey is built right into us, in the human energy system.

As an overview, you could say spiritual transformation involves integrating these aspects of our nature – the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Many people believe that it takes decades or even lifetimes to experience a significant spiritual transformation. Fortunately, our experience has shown us that awakening can be accelerated exponentially with the right approach.

How Can You Accelerate Spiritual Transformation?

First, we recommend finding a system that really works and staying with it long enough to reap the rewards. We know that ours works and many of our students say it’s one of a kind. Nonetheless, there are different approaches and the most important thing is to find one that feels right to you.

We’ve seen that those who flit from thing to another quickly don’t usually get the best results. With this in mind, Awakenings’ Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program is taught with weekly classes and experiential labs over an entire year and sometimes more for advanced students. Transformation takes time, revealing and overcoming layers of resistance to our divine nature. This brings us to our first shortcut.

Shortcut #1: Recognize you’re on a journey and stay focused. This may not sound like a shortcut, but it is. With the right tools, we’ve watched students awaken steadily over a period of a year or two rather than decades or lifetimes. Spiritual transformation is an unfolding that requires consistency and in most if not all cases, guidance from someone who can light the way.

Most of our students report powerful transformations during their time in the program. There’s no way to know when deeply transformational shifts will happen for another person or for you, because each of us is so unique. The key is to relax and enjoy the journey.

With patience and perseverance, following specific processes, transformation occurs in its own way and in its own time. With our students, the most monumental shifts don’t occur right away. They often happen unexpectedly, after months of focused attention. It’s like something finally lets loose and one’s whole reality shifts. There are also smaller shifts along the way, each preparing the way for these transformational moments.

The Nature of Spiritual Transformation and Awakening

It’s been shown that an understanding of the nature of the journey accelerates the process of transformation. This makes sense. If you have a map of a road trip from Boston to Los Angeles, your path will be more direct than it would if you just started driving west, facing unnecessary twists and turns, roadblocks, dead ends, and more. This is extremely frustrating and largely unnecessary.

As brain expert Daniel Amen suggests:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map is worth a thousand pictures.”

With an interest in mapping out the steps on the journey, we started to make note of specific changes our students and clients went through as they progressed. This brings us to your second shortcut.

Shortcut #2: Aim for specific types of changes. As an overview, spiritual awakening creates a major shift in these five key perspectives:

1. From viewing oneself as a victim of circumstances that are larger than oneself to taking command and moving into the driver’s seat as the creator of one’s life.

2. From relying primarily on outside sources for guidance and wisdom to accessing one’s own inner guidance and wisdom.

3. From regarding oneself a finite physical being with limited potential to truly understanding oneself as a powerful spiritual being with tremendous potential

4. From fear being the primary motivator in decision-making to purposeful creation as the primary motivator in decision-making

5. From viewing reality as fixed and beyond our control to viewing reality as changeable based on the power of one’s being

We’ve also identified seven specific stages and steps each person must take to progress on the journey, which we teach in our year-long program. From this map of the journey, we now understand that spiritual transformation starts as suggested above, taking command and empowering yourself to move onto your own path.

Learning to access your inner guidance and wisdom, and following it in a grounded way, is another essential element. Being internally guided doesn’t mean you ignore outside resources and requirements for maintaining physical stability. It means that you identify what is right for you based on your soul’s calling.

We use a specific process we call Soul Centering, which is the foundation of our work. It’s so essential, you could say that accessing the soul’s inner guidance and wisdom is the foundation of spiritual awakening and transformation. Each person’s experience of the soul is unique and memorable. Its loving presence invites each of us to uncover the magnificence of who we truly are.

Three key components of Spiritual Awakening and Transformation

As we progress on the path, each of us spirals through three processes:

1. Clearing: We encounter obstacles on the path, which are inner blocks that need to be cleared to continue.

2. Integrating: Once the obstacles are cleared, our energy reconfigures as we integrate this new opening into our being

3. Activating: Integrating the change activates more of your soul’s energy and light, which propels you forward again until you encounter the next obstacle.

The shortcut here involves embracing these processes.

Shortcut #3: Pay attention to all three of these areas – clearing, integrating, and activating. Trying to activate more light when you need to clear is futile, as is trying to just clear, clear, clear without integrating and activating. All three are essential and the time required for each process needs to be honored.

The Outcome of Spiritual Awakening and Transformation

As you clear blocks to your true identity as a divine spiritual being, more of your souls’ loving presence shines through. Its truth is then available to take you further. When you embrace the experience, it is truly miraculous. Over time, a new reality opens before you in remarkable ways that may transcend your wildest dreams.

As Albert Einstein suggested:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Your Next Step

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