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Who Can You Trust?

Who can you trust?  That “who” first involves trusting yourself, then others and, looking at the big picture, trusting the universe itself.

Let’s examine trust from three angles.

1. Be able to count on yourself. 

The essence of trust comes down to counting on yourself. If you can’t count on yourself, whom can you count on?

Even though we all slip up at times, we can be pretty reliable. That means prioritizing being dependable. Doing what you say. Be slow to promise  and fast to follow through.

Remember to keep commitments and  make them wisely. Then you can “to thine own self be true,” as Shakespeare once wrote.

Yes, following though through can take some effort. At times you might not want to answer that email, or do that errand, or keep that appointment, yet it does feel good to follow through. You are building integrity, a valuing of yourself.

In other words, don’t be a fair-weather friend to yourself.

What’s more, knowing how to count on yourself, you can see if you can count on others. Do their actions match their words enough to be trusted? If they do, they have a certain measure of honesty and integrity, like yourself.

In addition to trusting yourself, test out your intuitive prompts and how they play out. Did that person do what he said?  Did I do what I said I’d do?

2. Harness your optimism bias.

Studies show most people (80 percent) are optimistically oriented. They think things will work out, especially for themselves. At times, people will project better outcomes, way above the average, for themselves in their good fortunes: income, health and relationships.

And  overall, a “realistic” optimistic outlook can ground you, and uplift you to better wealth, health and longevity.

Phillip was a slow learner when it came to optimism. He grew up with a strong cynical streak. Over time and with spiritual exploration, he has tempered the side that overly focuses on what is the worst that can happen.

Your dreams and goals are powerful motivators. And if you believe something, that belief can influence your results. For example, take scientific experiments on ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) or remote viewing, like clairvoyance and telepathy. Studies have shown that people who believe in such abilities score higher in the experiments.

The encouraging message is to use your dreams, goals, beliefs and imagination to see what is possible. An important caveat: don’t become unhinged, foolhardy and naïve.

The range of optimism goes from being overly optimistic (naively so) on one end, to pessimistic and depressed on the other end. We suggest you find out where you tend to operate on the spectrum.

Then use some of the following ideas to ground your optimism, to make it realistic so your attitude works for you, not against you.

* “Trust in Allah but tie your camel first.”

*  Consult both your head and heart

* Use research and trusted sources

*  Listen to your intuition and hunches

3. Know you are connected to the Universe.

Trusting the universe, as we’ve written elsewhere, is part of the big picture.

Think about this… Everyone is connected to everything, however visibly and invisibly.  On the quantum level, we are sub-atomically connected.

We are all exchanging atoms and the elements that comprise the physical universe. The food we eat depends on the clouds, rain, and sun. The structures of society ─ from houses to streets to traffic laws, and on and on ─ function in endlessly connected ways.

Then there are the immeasurable, invisible, mystic connections to subtle energies and beyond — connections that we all have, however subtle or unrecognized.

Overall, the universe wants to survive, grow and transcend.  And even though there is much setback and tragedy, the sun still shines, people still care and we find solutions.

In the darkest night, a candle glows, and the dawn will come. And there is much to explore in that deep, vast darkness as well.

Final Thoughts on Trust

Learn to trust yourself, and selected others who are trustworthy. Find ways to trust the universe.  In turn, you will create a wonderful life, continually creating a better version of yourself as you learn what to trust.

In sum, count on yourself, be realistically optimistic and trust the universe. You can trust yourself to proceed in that direction.