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How to Age Well: Four Keys

At a certain point, it becomes more apparent that you won’t live on this plane, on earth, forever. So you might as well make the most of it.

Isn’t that why you (your presence, what brought you to earth) came here? Aren’t you here for some reason, beyond mere surviving and existing (although that is part of the scheme of things too)?

Coming on seven decades now, for us aging well becomes increasingly important. We have felt that successful aging means a holistic approach – body-mind-spirit.

Our experience – as well as research – has shown four keys to help you live fully. We are talking here about living with the power of your soul, growing wiser with fulfillment.

Here are four keys:

Key 1: Become Soul Connected 

Whether you know it or not, your soul accompanies you, connected to your personality and learning from life experience.

The more conscious you become of your soul’s presence, the better off you can become.  You awaken to possibilities and purpose.

Your soul shines an awesome light on what gives you meaning and direction. You develop your talents and skills. You heal and overcome roadblocks on the way.

As you pierce the veil of earthly existence, your soul reveals why you are here. It helps you to know what you can do, from things that are fun… to things of service… and creativity.

Your soul develops your sense of presence, being here now. 

As a result, your life has more depth, more meaning and more impact. True, becoming old has its pains, but it can come with a lot of joy and happiness, as your wisdom and self-awareness expands.

Key 2: Develop Positive Routines 

A routine is a practice, a habit that you make a regular part of your life.

In keeping with a holistic approach, we recommend finding some healthy routines and staying with them as best you can.

Such a healthy lifestyle includes a physical-emotional-mental approach, by starting and ending your day on a positive note.

This approach includes finding a flexible diet that works for you.  We explore diet in our little Kindle ebook The Holistic Approach to Living Healthier Longer.

Lifestyle improvement also includes regular sound sleep, exercise and sunlight. Clearly living in tune with our bodies and the earth makes perfect sense.

Also, getting out in nature quiets the mind. The plants, trees, wildlife, and fresh air invigorate the body and nourish the spirit.

Quiet time can include daily meditation, mindfulness and gratitude – which all relates to soul connecting (see Key 1).

Key 3: Handling Adversity 

Being soul centered gives you depth. Positive routines keep you at your best.  By keeping these two keys active, you can be more resourceful when adversity occurs.

When loss, accident, illness and conflict inevitably arise, you will naturally react and resist. But if that is all you do, you become stuck, defined by your adversity. (I’m lost; I’m a loser; I’m a failure/victim, etc.)

But you can take some deep breaths, pause, reflect and consider. You can let the game come to you, as basketball great Michael Jordan advised. (I can find my way; I can heal; I succeed; I take charge.)

Some healing may be in order to see how to free yourself. We recommend Holistic EFT or Spiritual Kinesiology to get clear.

A good question to ask is, “What is this problem [adversity] teaching me?”

Further useful questions to ask yourself include: “How can I still be a realistic optimist?” “How can I become resilient?”

Resilience means bouncing back. But even more, you can restore yourself to a higher, wiser vantage point than before the problem occurred.

Plus studies show that resilience promotes health and longevity.  Even if you lost some physical functioning, you can still keep evolving spiritually.

Key 4: Stay Connected 

Life is short. Remember to stay connected with what matters. Stay in touch with those you care about. Share your feelings. Communicate. Offer support.

Stay in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. Also stay connected with the invisible realms. In addition to your soul, connect with invisible allies: spirit guides, angels and masters.

Final Thoughts on Aging Well 

With age, we can become more self-reflective – an attribute of wisdom. Having greater intimacy with the soul, we have more passion, courage and direction.

With healthy routines, we can handle life’s ups and downs better. We learn and grow. We find ways to connect.

Hopefully you are using – or will use – these keys to age well and make the most of life.

If you’d like personal help with your successful aging using these keys and more, feel free to contact us.