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Your Angelic Support

Angels are all around us, however subtle it may be.

They’ve been written about throughout history too. Christian texts refer to Archangel Michael as a protector and Archangel Gabriel as a messenger. In Islam, Angel Gabriel was also the messenger who imparted the Koran to Prophet Muhammad. In the Old Testament, Abraham was prevented from sacrificing his son Isaac by an angel.

Angels can be of great help in today’s world, where the ongoing multiple crises can, with the right response, awaken us.

Why Connect with Angels?

There are many good reasons to connect with angels including:

* They are beings of pure love
* They uplift your spirits
* They improve your quality of life
* They accelerate your spiritual development

For us, angels now play a regular role in our life with their presence, energy and love. For our students and clients as well, they have been of great benefit.

Angels and Archangels

All angels radiate pure love.  Some are more individual to each person and can serve as a guardian angel for protection, support and spiritual direction.

The archangels are a higher order of angels who have a broader perspective. They work with large groups with an expanded consciousness. The term “Archangel” comes from Greek. ‘Arche’ means ruler and ‘Angelos’ means messenger. The “el” found at the end of many of their names means “of God.” All of them bring gifts from God.

In addition to your guardian angel, Archangels can support you too.

In any event, angels will come when invited.  There may be rare cases of angels intervening in dire moments like a car accident. In general, invite angels to assist you, and you may be amazed at the results.

Angels may respond by sending you loving energy, uplifting messages or healing and support.  They may appear in signs, like words in a song or book, or images in the clouds or feathers on the ground.

Considerations for Connecting with Angels

Besides asking for angelic support, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

*  Let yourself be in a centered, receptive place from your heart and soul. Be authentic and open, with feelings of love, gratitude and the like.

* Seek the highest good for all concerned in your interaction. Be free of agendas — don’t try to manipulate the outcome. Remember everyone has free will, so respect that. Nonetheless, receiving unconditional love from angels is a universal gift.

* Follow through on the angelic wisdom and support you receive. This may include healing, addressing conflicts, and taking action in appropriate ways.

Final Thoughts on Your Angelic Support

Angels are here now. They are an extraordinary part of the universe, devoted to love. Open your heart and relax your mind to connect with them.

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